Thursday, September 1, 2011

Stuck on Stubben

Yesterday, unfortunately, I didn't make it out to barn to cold hose or poultice Moon. I didn't even get to check up on him at all. I keep telling myself that the cold rain we finally had last night would rewet his poultice from Tuesday, and give him another day of treatment...but that's just what I'm telling myself.

After finally finishing my horse-sitting, I found myself returned to a home devoid of groceries. I had cancelled my lesson, not feeling like riding a horse other then Moon, and wanting to make sure he had a couple of days off work.

Today, after months of no rain, it was raining again. We had things to pick up in town, and after delay after delay, I got home just before the sun was setting. I admit, one more day I didn't go out to check on Moon. : (

To make up for it, I focused on researching saddles for us. Rick Payne emailed me back to say he'd let me know the next time he's in my area to do a fit, though he didn't respond to my question about whether he can find me a $600 saddle or get my current one to work for a few months. I admit, I'd like to spend a bit more on a saddle, but I'm testing the waters here. If he can manage $600, he can certainly do $800 or $1k. No point saying that or he'll be having me in a $2k saddle instead : P

His email did give me these opinions:
By pictures saddle is out of balance, most likely too narrow. Also the girth channel on this horse is forward which also cause slipping forward. An offset girth will usually help.

I did manage to find one saddle that I think might work well for us. The Stubben Romanus Dressage Saddle. It has curved panels, not too full, foam flocking (I prefer over wool since they don't need regular attention), a nice full leather, not too deep of a seat and seem to be in my price range. Now to find one in the right seat size, gullet width and price : P

So this evening, while browsing the craigslists of the world, I stumbled across some great saddle fitting videos, care of Scheleese Saddle Fitters. They're really well made videos, easy to understand and easy to follow!

After watching them all, tomorrow I'm going to get some chalk and mark up Moon. I'm also going to take some wither tracings and send them to Trumbull Mountian Saddlery to see what they think. This is a pretty well respected company and I hope they can help me in my search as well.

All of this means I'm going to be printing and taking a lot of papers with me tomorrow to visit Moon (yes, no doubt I'm going tomorrow). I hope to find him with less lumpiness, and eager to work. Won't likely ride him, but I'm hoping to find the charger for my video camera and at least round-pen'll have been a week...

But all of that is for tomorrow.

Today? Today I just keep dreaming and hoping: Happy healthy pony.

And for your entertainment, another some of Moon's relatives:

His Half-Sister, who was for sale a couple months ago. Can't even remember the horse's name; owner never responded to my inquiry.

Another half-sister: Frostys Moon Bar (breeding at Rothwell Quarter Horses)

Last half-sister: RR Moons Continental (breeding at Rothwell Quarter Horses)

I must admit, that everything I've seen and read about any of Moon's close relatives, is that they're willing horses, steady and at worst, a little passive aggressive which suits their speed and agility. And I really think that when it's time for Moon to retire from the competitive scene (I know, we haven't even made it there yet!), I'd like to get one of the colts off these mares to train...


  1. Lovely "family" pics. :-) I have recently been communicating to Stubben and it has been a very pleasant experience regarding customer service.

  2. Good to hear getting a new saddle is really starting to get somewhere now, good luck tomorrow hope all goes well.