Monday, September 12, 2011

Still waiting!

You'd think that the fellow with the Isabell getting back to me would mean the waiting was over...especially since the shipping price dropped to $50...

...except he quoted me the price in his earlier ad, so it was $50 higher then expected. So here comes me asking if he'll drop it to his lower now I'm waiting to hear back from him to see if we have a final deal. If he agrees to the price I sent him, it's done and sold! And I'll have my new saddle in 2 weeks! If he says no...hmmm... ???

So I wait on that.

On the other hand, I did get an email from Wintec about 5 minutes after the fellow emailed me, saying if I sent them some pics, they could probably confirm if it's a genuine Isabell for me. Once I've got it (IF I get it!), I'll find the serial number and check that out with them as well. See if it really was just 4 years old.

Schnieder's emailed me as well, to say that my pony blankets have shipped out today! Yippee! And nothing was backordered or out of stock! Yippee!

The weather was pretty miserable today, so no pony riding, but tomorrow I'm aiming to be out at the barn working the MoonSox. And hopefully I can tell him about his new saddle! Too bad I won't be able to afford a girth for it anytime soon : P

Hmmmm...anyone interested in a brand new, never used Wintec CAIR girth 50"? Trade ya for a 30" dressage girth... : ) Which I'll hopefully be needing...

Fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!

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  1. So much waiting to be done but on the bright side when it’s over you’ll have a nice saddle and a nice place to ride, sounds pretty good to me, hope it all works out with the saddle.