Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Little blue christmas.

: (

I should be psyched. Crossed the border with no issue, got my parcels (all 7 big boxes) and came back home.

The new saddle was just as pictured, no surprise there. I was thrilled. No box of rocks. Even the knee blocks were included. Yay!

The Cavallo boots were there too. Not as nice as the old design (they've cheaped out with plastic soles instead of rubber), but for the price, I'm happy there too.

The Ani-hist for the farrier was a bigger container then I thought. Good.

The CAIR girth looks MORE impressive then pictured! I had a pang of sadness for already selling it before seeing it, but no harm, no foul. I think the buyer will be thrilled. : )

The Schneider's Saddlery box was huge. Inside, a lovely blanket and neck cover. Loving it. Blanket wash...okay. A windproof/waterproof blanket for the dog...fits PERFECT and looks awesome on her. Thrilled again.

The BF's new jacket. Fits perfect. He's happy too.

I open the box to my new fleece saddle pad. Looks great for the price. I'm happy.

Pull out 4 shipping boots, thrilled to realize they perfectly match my cooler/shipping blanket. YIPPEE!

...until I look at them again.

And realise that something isn't right. So I match them up.

...one hind, one hind, one front...one hind. A tiny hind.

The girl was selling a set of pony shipping boots too and it seems she shipped me a pony hind instead of a horse front. : (

Big huge dissapointment.

Especially since I wanted to use them on our 3 hour trail ride out to the pembina valley on Friday. And that won't happen now. And we likely won't need shipping boots again for awhile. Never mind now needing to figure out a way to convince the seller to ship the right boot (if she still has it) to me, here in Canada, so I don't have to waste gas driving across the border for 1 boot.


"Christmas" just got a little blue-er...


  1. I have a pair of shipping boots never used that you can borrow for the weekend if you like. Won't match your blanket but...? Lemme know.

  2. I'm so glad that the box of rocks turned out to be what you ordered! Bummer about the shipping boots, though :-\

  3. Bummer about the boots. :-( I totally understand, lol.

    And please do update about the Schneiders sheet and your thoughts--they are on the list I'm considering, but of course, I'm not able to see one in person.

  4. Bummer...that's crappy about the boots! At least everything else is good! Let us know about the blenket:)

  5. Sorry to hear about the boots! I love the goal section of your blog that keeps track of what you have accomplished! That is a very good idea!