Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Longest Process.

You'd think that buying a saddle might be an easy thing. It's not.

11 days ago I found an excellent priced Wintec Isabell in my size, in good condition. After exchanging emails with the seller for a few days to see pictures and details, I agreed to buy it. It was supposed to be simple. I'd send money via paypal to his friend with an account (who sells jewelery online), and he'd mail the saddle out.

...then his friend went MIA. Then he couldn't set up a paypal account. Sounds a little sketch, but in context, our email conversations have all seemed legit.

So today, finally exhausted by the process, I've offered him a Western Union money transfer. It's going to cost me about $10 more then paypal (since I'd be covering the fees), and I have to admit, feels a lot less secure. But I'm banking and gambling on this one...

I've been really fortunate thus far that no one has screwed me with online purchases. But I'm always waiting, as you just KNOW there will come a day. I'm hoping this won't be that time.

I'm also hoping it's in as good of condition as the pictures seem. This may have been a mistake. But I won't know till I pick it up.

So now I get to withdraw the money from the bank, drive to the nearest grocery store and send it on its way to him. I've received the picture of it at fedex (okay, a box that a saddle would fit in!) and a tracking number that is linked to a parcel leaving his location, that is 16 lbs...a little heavier then the new wintecs, but a likely weight for an older one with packing...

The only issue is that it's shipping to Pemdina, ND...instead of Pembina, ND. I'm hoping FedEx isn't going to turn that into an issue...maybe I'll call them later...

So pretty soon I'll hand over my $$ and await the unknown. Is there really a saddle in that box, or did he mail me bricks? Is the saddle in good condition? Is anything missing? Will it arrive at its destination? Will it arrive unharmed (no broken trees?)...

I just keep hoping. Unfortunately, it says it'll arrive next Monday. If it arrived this Friday, I could pick it up this weekend and be done worrying sooner. Instead, I get to worry over the weekend, and might not have a chance next week to pick it up. Which means I'm waiting till the following weekend or the first Monday in October. That's a long time.

I hate waiting.

Someone promise me this will all work out, and that I've not done something foolish all over a saddle I can barely afford.



I sent the money off to the seller and came home to 4 more pictures of the FedEx receipt, box in the FedEx counter lady's hands and the box being filled! : P Wow, if this person is out to scam me, they're working really hard to do it!

The odder thing? I discovered the "Chris", the seller, who has spent the last week moving gravel, fixing their tractor, repairing a broken truck steering column and missing out on a double date because they worked a double on the weekend...

...is "Christine". Seriously, I can't believe I just spent 2 weeks thinking I was talking to a guy! Thankfully I didn't try flirting...though would that have gotten me an even better price? ; ) Teasing!

Keep those finger's crossed for me! It's much appreciated!


  1. I'm sending all my good karma, lucky stars and positive cookie fortunes your way, Sand.