Thursday, September 8, 2011

Harvest Moon

T and I went trail riding this evening, and let me say it was wonderful. We rode so long, that by the time we got back, the moon was high in the sky. The harvest moon of September perhaps? All I know is that I LOVE being on my own Moon.

I talked with T about Moon's tantrum yesterday and our determination to be patient, respectful and fair in our training. I don't believe in natural horsemanship. There's nothing natural about riding a horse. BUT, I do believe in honest and fair training. I'm not going to crank his gaping mouth shut with a flash, even if it would "correct" the problem. I'm not putting a harsher bit in his mouth, just to get him to respond faster. I won't pull on spurs to get him to move off my leg quicker, and I won't try to push him into do things we haven't had the background and prep to do. That's not fair to him.

But that doesn't mean that sometimes I don't get frustrated with what feels at times like slow or frustrating progress. The backslides. The tough spots.

I use that frustration as determination to push on. We're nearing 5 months of training, and we HAVE come a long way. Yes, we could have used 'devices' to achieve a lot of our goals quicker, but I'm looking to build a foundation. And a relationship.

Telling T about how much I wish he understood that I'd never hurt him, so he can soften and relax, she told me about the fellow she bought him off of. Apparently, he told her that he could only be ridden in a curb bit, as he is uncontrollable otherwise. He actually sold him WITH the curb bit, and for the first while, T used it on him until she realized he was a sweet horse, and switched to a snaffle.

But it's clear, that fellow's training had a negative effect on him. And now it's up to me to rehab him into a soft horse. It's there. I know it. There's nothing "uncontrollable" in my horse. He just needs time and patience.

On to more exciting topics...

We had a great trail ride. Can't wait till next week.

It *looks* like we may have found our Wintec Isabell! I found a great price in the States, the fellow will ship, accept paypal, and from the pictures, it's in pretty good shape. Not immaculate or brand new, but a good 50% less then I could buy the old version new for. And about 33% less then other Wintecs (some in worse condition) I've come across. It might just be the one...

The fellow is pricing out shipping for me tomorrow, and if it's good... :O Sandra might have a new saddle in two weeks!

...except she can't afford a girth for it : P

A pic! Or eight!

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