Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Always something.

It seems there's ALWAYS something going on with horse's health. Always.

On Sunday when I cleaned Moon's hooves, I noticed that I could clean a lot of gravel from his white line. It's also gotten quite wide in addition to now showing small holes in it...

Which makes me worry. I have a feeling I'm looking at the start of White Line Disease.

I say the start because when we thermal imaged him, there wasn't excessive heat up the hoof wall. Which to me, means the infection hasn't spread up there. My goal on Wednesday (won't get out until then likely), is to clean them really well before we move to W's, and see how deep it seems to go. The timing isn't so bad, as I have access (finally) to a stall or cross ties where I can boot and soak him. And I'll be out enough in the next 2 weeks I should get a half decent treatment in.

One thing bugs me a bit though. Maybe I'm being unreasonable...

I've been fond of my farrier, but haven’t been thrilled by the regular flaring of Moon’s hooves. Add to that now the White Line, and I wonder if they're related. Does he need a different trim?.

Unfortunately my farrier is busy for the next bit, so now I have to decide if I’ll just go ahead and treat, or wait for her. Really, I’m probably going to try and track down some treatment tonight if I can, and just treat. Can’t do more harm.

With the impending move, I’m hoping to see if W’s farrier can have a look at him and see what he says about the last 6 months and if we’re making the progress we should be.

In the mean time, I'm stuck with a second problem.

Chetak Ronja Dressage

Dressage Girths.

It appears that I've managed to find a buyer for the long CAIR girth I bought earlier this month. I was planning on using it to get by with my Blackburn AP saddle until I could find a replacement, and wound up getting the Wintec Isabell (or box of rocks) shortly there after. Which meant I no longer needed the long girth per se. I had considered keeping it, since I got a great deal, it was a really nice girth AND it was anatomical. Plus, it wasn't like I was getting rid of my AP.

Unfortunately, it’s brown and my saddle is black. Add to that, despite all attempts at slimming Mr. Moon down, I’m under the impression that he’s got the big ol’quarter horse girth, and may never comfortably fit anything less then a 52”. I SHOULD be able to squeeze him into the 50” I bought, except he’s taken to puffing up when I go to cinch. Making it exhausting and irritating to do up a smaller girth.

I also read online that the CAIR girths don’t have a ton of extra stretch, and you’re best buying 1 size larger then you need. So technically, I should have gotten a 52 or 54”…

Shires Leather Dressage

The last reason I’ve decided to part with it? I kinda need the money to pay for a dressage girth to use on my new box of rocks. Adding in my recent winter shopping, the increased board costs with the move, a parting gift for T, Master’s course fees and my sister’s wedding, I really shouldn’t spend any more money on horse tack. But I can’t ride in my new saddle without a girth, which would make the purchase of the saddle pointless.

So I’ll sell the CAIR girth and use the funds to purchase a dressage girth.

Now I need some advice. Which girth do I buy? I have about $65 CDN from the sale of my girth to spend. I’ll buy from the US, but need shipping to Canada, since I don’t feel like making another border trip, and it only tempts me to spend money. : P

Unfortunately, our largest English tack store just closed (Greenhawk). Which means more likely I’ll have to pay shipping charges, lowering the available funds.

I’m contemplating (yes, I’ve even listed ones over my budget!):

Mondega Leather - $60 + $15 s&h
Apple Saddlery
Chetak Ronja - $95 + s&h
Nunn Finer Piaffe/Passage - $95 + s&h
Heartland Saddlery
Shires Leather Contoured - $80

Out of the lot, I’m thinking I actually like the Nunn Finer the best (no surprise, it’s the most expensive), though I can pick up the Shires over Thanksgiving and save on shipping…

Nunn Finer Piaffe

The Mondega is a decent price for what you’re getting.

So final choices:
Mondega Leather = $79
Chetak Ronja = $112
Nunn Finer = $141 (plus duty)
Shires Leather = $84

Votes folks? Which one should I choose? Reviews tell me that the Chetak and Nunn

I’ll also stop by some local tack shops on the weekend to see if anything is selling here that would be better. And try to control my urge to spend. : P …well, on anything but maybe some white line treatment…

Oye. Expensive ponies.
Mondega Dressage Girth

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  1. Sunny had something similar that was simply a blown out abscess... Ill send you a pic tomo.