Sunday, September 25, 2011

Moving Fast.

You'd think this post would be about the impending move...which I now dream about every night and think about every day. Anyone want to see the gradeschool scribbles on my notepad at work of Moon's tack trunk layout or list of which blankets he needs to bring with him? It's there. It's cheesy. But I can't help it.

The days are flying away, and a part of me is really sad to be leaving T's. When I'm out there lately, I think about the solitude I often enjoy, just me and my pony. I think about how great the trails off the property are, riding through town or down the quad trail with the BF. I think about a close friend who honks every time she drives by, which makes me smile. I think about chatting as the sun sets with T, about the space T cleared in the tack shed, just for us.

It's tough. Wednesday, will be tougher. Moving is a big deal, and while I don't think there's a better place then W's, it's never likely to be the 'home' that T's will always be. But just as children must head off to college, we need to make this journey to grow. To learn. To become more then what we are today, and that's a oppertunity we will not miss and we will not waste.

Today, the BF and I gathered up most of my tack from T's. I unhung the "Arena Exercises" book from the wall, loaded up my trunk, gathered the buckets and pails and wraps and reins, and placed them in my car. When we closed up the little tack shed, it seemed a little lonely. Moon's saddle and bridle were still hanging, and I'd left a couple of brushes, but it certainly wasn't the old messy pile it once was. And that was kinda sad to me.

This evening, I cleaned my tack trunk, keeping the things we might need, and sorting and tidying it up. I kept thinking about the 'new' stuff he'll move in with and wondered if it would feel weird. Setting up a new spot, with new things...

So instead I tried to think about our ride that afternoon...

The BF asked me around noon if I wanted to go for a run again with my pony. I suggested instead that he drive his quad and we'd follow that. He jumped at the chance.

We took the quad to the barn and when we got there, he said to me "Where's his halter thing?" I pointed, and he grabbed it and left. : ) Yes, he was getting my pony for me! Totally sweet. I pretend that he didn't follow that with "What does he look like again?"

Dark brown. White face. : P Oye.

He brushed him while I cleaned hooves and tacked up. Off on the trails, Moon did a good job to keep up, and seemed to instictly want to follow the BF. We crossed over the highway, and I left him move into a lovely rolling canter. Which he didn't want to slow down from. He cantered a good mile, and then I pulled him up. The BF was kneeling by the road...


Then he points to the patially hidden culvert sticking up. And the big hole hidden in the deep reeds and grass.

"Just putting my shoulder back in" he says.

Sickening pop.

Yeah, apparently you couldn't see the culvert at all, and when he came off the road smoked right into it, pulling his shoulder out of its sockett. Gross. But it wasn't a first for him, and once it was back where it belonged, we carried on.

Into the treed pit trails. Moon was again determined to keep sight of the BF, which unfortunately meant that I took a lot of sharp and thorned branches to the upper arm. The trails are cleared for quaders, not girls on horseback. I should add, that when cantering, I seem to always lose my stirrups, and managed to spin the leathers around a few times before getting my feet back in them. So they were pinching and rubbing my lower legs : P

We did a loop around the pit, a branch here or there ripping my shoelaces or beating at my arms. All I cared about was not scratching my pretty velvet helmet!

By this time, Moon was dripping sweat. The weather was hotter then it ever is for this time of year, and the ponies were already putting on their winter coats. Poor Moon'er.

We walked back to the road, and the BF was just sitting there on his quad. I though "Now's my chance!" and urged Moon into a rolling canter.

Moon and I hand galloped past the BF...

The BF looked up and saw that I was 'racing' him. So he gave it some gas and started going.

As he caught up, Moon took one look at him fast approaching his tail...

...and shifted (I mean, you could FEEL it change) into a higher speed!

And so did the boyfriend...

Moon went faster...and I could feel that he could still go faster. This was like a Sunday walk in the park for him.

The boyfriend added more throttle.

And I for the first time, had a holy-s#$& moment. :O There was ZERO way I could stop him. And he had more speed to give if I wasn't hauling on his mouth (I was at this point trying to slow him, in my best attempt at a pulley rein...but this IS the king of bracing).

Finally as a driveway approached, the BF let off the throttle.

And so did Moon.

Except no one told me.

So I smacked right into Moon's neck. Thankfully. Otherwise I would have catapulted right over him.


Crap. He can move. The BF tells me he clocked him at just over 30 mph. Said it was the coolest thing, to ride his quad so close to a galloping horse. Said Moon looked perfectly relaxed, just going along like it was easy.

At least HE was relaxed.

I wonder what his fastest time is? He's bred of racing lines, with AQHA hall-of-famers. They're fast. I felt speed in him (kinda scarey). Now I want to push him there...! And catch it on video, and capture his speed...

He still offered me canters and trots all the way home, minus walking to cool out the last mile. He has way more stamina and power then he EVER has while I've known him. Now to harness that power...

I tell you, my pony can RUN.


  1. I laughed out loud when the BF asked what Moon looked like. Sounds exactly like my man! :)

    Sounds like a really fun ride, and sounds like Moon was having a blast! One of these days I'll be able to take Lilly somewhere and let her run. I envy those of you who can do that with your horses!

  2. Sounds like the BEST ride ever.

    Apart from the shoulder thing ... like Ouch.

  3. Wow! This post is sooo awesome on soo many levels!.

    1. The BF is at the barn with you annnnd went to collect your horse
    2. You galloped (there's seriously nothing like it!)
    3. Annnd you raced your boyfriend on his quad.

    Ammmmazing! Bet you'll never forget that!

  4. I've never had a wicked-fast horse, and I'm envious of those who do. Forget how high your horse can jump, what dressage moves it can do, how well disciplined it is - there is something fundamentally awesome about having a FAST horse!