Monday, September 12, 2011

A Virtue?

Patience. Gees, I hate waiting.

Waiting for my stuff to come in. Waiting for Moon to move to W's (just 16 days!). Waiting to find out if I'll get my new wintec saddle...(the fellow's taking it in today in a smaller box).

I did find out that it's a good thing I bought my Schneider's blanket when I did! It's sold out when I checked today! Phew. And I noticed that all the prices I was charged are less then the posted prices on their webpage! Not a lot, but $5 or so. Every bit helps!

I also awoke to an email from Curvon Baker. They said if I return the sheet to them, they'll measure it. If in fact it's mislabelled, they'll replace it with a 76". Of course, now I have to see if they'll refund my shipping costs if it IS their mistake. I don't see why I should be out for their error! Still, potential good news.

This evening I hope to get out for a ride on Moon, but have a few things to get done first. The sun is setting by 7:45 or so now, so it might be a little difficult. That or I'm going to start riding in the dark : P Dangerous though...WHEN are we moving again?!

I started on my Christmas list, which includes all the gear I'll need to show next year. Plus the textbooks to study for my Equine Canada certification. Yes, still horse-centric.

I'm sure you guys will hear the saddle news as soon as I do! Ger. Waiting is SO irritating!

...I should mention, I'm typing this while on hold for over 35 minutes so far! Who would have thought you'd be expected to remember your online password from you University account from 6 years ago? Really?! Aurgh. And you'd think you could just use the "forgot password" button...except it's tied to a university email account that you also don't remember the password for...

: P Go figure.

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  1. I know the feeling waiting is so very annoying but it is even worse when your waiting for shiny new horse gear, I will always remember the saying if I had patience I would be a doctor :)