Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Barely Blanketing

Horse people are ALWAYS on a budget. It's a fact. Personally, I'm saving up for a new dressage saddle, just enjoyed a bout of horse lameness and am planning on moving to a barn with an indoor arena at the end of the month. Plus regular riding lessons, fuel and the typical tack stuff, I seem to always be broke. Let's add in the the BF's birthday is approaching and Christmas follows soon after that...

But it appears that I need some blankets for Mr. Moon.

So I've been browsing the closeout deals online, trying to narrow it down.

I've decided, based on my budget, that I'll get:

1) A high quality, 1200+ denier heavy weight, waterproof turnout blanket hopefully w/belly band (or leg cutouts) and neck cover (or medium neck coverage).
2) A medium quality 600+ denier medium weight waterproof turnout
3) A low rainsheet
4) If I can afford it, a fleece or light weight liner

My plan using this system, is that he can wear his Baker sheet through the start of Fall (about now), until the weather starts to dip, or unless it rains. When it rains, he can wear his rain sheet instead.

Come late fall, he can switch to the liner and the waterproof sheet.

Early winter, midweight sheet.

Real winter, he can wear the heavy weight sheet. I assume this will be the most worn sheet, hence the belly band and neck coverage.

On the REALLY (-40) nights, he can wear the blanket liner UNDER the heavy weight sheet, thereby having a super heavy weight sheet.

: )

So, the research has gone on and on, and I've narrowed it down. Tonight I will measure him and see how his 78" sheets fit, to decide if I'll drop to a 76". I'll also confirm with W that blanketing will be included in our board.


Heavy Weight Turnout:
1) Kensington Roustabout 1200D, 180 g hollowfill (360 polyfill), black
2) Shires Typhoon w/neck cover, 1680D, 339 grams polyfill, blue on blue
3) Liberty Stormshield w/Belly band, 1200D, 380 grams polyfill, blue on black

Medium Weight Turnout:
1) Eous Apollo 150 gram, 1680D

Rain Sheet:
1) Free-Runner Rain Sheet, 600D
2) Amigo Lite Turnout, 600D

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