Friday, September 9, 2011

Shipping Mayhem

So the saddle that is just perfect, was priced at $175 to ship!! Without it even leaving the US! Crazy. So now I've sent the fellow back out to find a smaller box and try and jam it in to hopefully reduce the shipping costs. My courbette shipped for about $65, so I'm certain it can be done. The wintec is a little larger, but still not crazy so. tells me they'll ship up to a 30"x24"x24" 20lb. package for $91. says they could do a 24"x24"x24" 20lb package for $74. Seriously, WHY can't he get THIS pricing! Can't we squeeze it into a littler box?

Anyway, I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but it's not looking good. Insert sad face. : (

I also bought Moon's winter blanket, and am now nervous it won't fit. I remeasured him 6 times yesterday and never got the same number twice. His KoolCoat is a 78" and seems big. But after I ordered his SStack blanket, I read the KoolCoat is larger then printed. His 76" Baker sheet was too small, his 78" *maybe* a big large? But I think they run small...

I'm going to try on his 76" Baker again now that it's summertime and see if he's lost enough weight to make it fit better. I recall it was too short in the belly drop (the SS blankets have a longer drop on the larger sizes, starting at 76"), and the length would have been okay if it wasn't for his protruding belly. I know 74" was JUST a little too short on him before. His high wither is also an issue...

And his SSTack blanket doesn't have buckles in the front, so I can't enlarge it if it's too small! Oye! I'm thinking I'll just hope for the best and leave my order as it is...Of all their blankets, I like this one the best, and the larger size (only 2") isn't available until November, so I wouldn't get it till winter is upon us. The other styles either aren't available in his size, are crazy expensive ($200) or they don't have my MUST HAVE features. And I kinda like the idea of a solid front to keep the weather out, though he'll have to get used to blankets being pulled on...

So, Mr. Moon (who hopefully will fit it!) is getting a:

StormShield Versatility Bellyband Medium Weight Turnout (2010 model...which looks like the 2011 but with 1 less D-ring for the hood). It only comes in black w/tan trim, which is fine. He'll be warmer in black anyway.

1 year warranty, 1200D, waterproof/windproof/breathable. Teflon-coated, 220 grams of insulation and a nice warm bellyband! (he does have a bit of a tummy!)

A matching StormShield Fitted Hood (2011 model b/c otherwise it'd have to be green and not match. Eww. And there was only $5 price difference)

A bottle of blanket wash, and I splurged and bought a rainproof medium weight sheet for my dog too ('cause she comes snowmobiling).

Total price was just under $200, which was exactly where I wanted to be.

I've read some AMAZING reviews of the Schneider's tack blankets, and thought I'd give it a go. They're less pricey then a Rambo or a Kensington, have a 1 year warranty and people swear they they stay waterproof.

I also find that Moon's blankets tend to drift really far back with the neck openings being too large. I like the "Fitted V-Free" design of the SS blankets, because they allow you to adjust and tighten the neck openings, and the V-Free offers more ample wither spacing for less rubbing.

I opted for the hood (wasn't going to originally) because they warn that rain and wind can get through the fitted neck-line in the adjustable blankets. Since I WANTED the adjustment, I figured I'd just pay the extra costs for the neck cover. Hopefully it'll keep him nice and snug!

: ) It feels good to spoil Mr. Moon (again). Unfortunately it looks like I won't be able to afford to buy him a rainsheet and liner like I had hoped, but such is life. He'll grow a bit of a coat regardless. If I get desperate, I might buy him a light sheet and then use his cooler as a liner...

I'll keep everyone posted on my own experiences with the SS Blankets. : ) Maybe next year I'll snag the missing sizes and weights on clearance.


  1. Good luck with the getting the price on delivery sorted out at a reasonable amount. That is a nice looking rug I haven’t seen a rug without buckles at the front before it looks quite smart hope all sizes work out ok, I have just recently been warned about neck covers that attach to the rug I am told they rub the mane very badly, just thought I would let you know as I had no idea till now, but I guess they can’t all rub or they wouldn’t make them so maybe it will be ok with Moon.

  2. Good grief! Those shipping prices are crazy! I will be swapping my Courbette saddle (Stubben is sending me a new one) and I am assuming that I may have to split the shipping costs with them. Mr. Moon will look very handsome in that turnout blanket. :-)

  3. As someone who recently shipped way too many saddles, I feel the guy's pain. I charged my buyers around $75 and I ended up dipping into my profits big time. I think UPS is terrible and I've vowed never to ship with them again.

    On a positive note, though, I've had quite a few blankets from SSTack and I've loved them all. They make excellent blankets and the price is always right. I hope it fits perfectly!

  4. PLEASE tell me that it's really not going to be $175 to ship the saddle!!! It's leaving me tempted to spend $900 on a Bates Caprilli instead! (since it's in Canada). Aurgh.