Monday, September 5, 2011

It goes on and on my friends...

The search for a saddle that is.

Worked all weekend, so other then some fleeting glimpses at Craigslist and ebay, I haven't anything to show for my troubles. Oye.

Tomorrow I'm headed out to check on the Moon-pie. If he seems sound, I'll hack him out to the limestone pits. See how he's feeling. I might put T's western saddle on him to see if that makes a difference, else I'll pad up my Blackburn and give that a go in the wide tree. Just hate making him sore in the back, never mind the legs.

At least my videocamera is charged and ready to go. Too bad I still don't have a regular camera.

Why can't money grow on trees? I have a lot of trees...

I had an adoptive parent moment today. With all my digging around in Moon's ancestory, I got curious about his own history. So I emailed a local horse group to see if anyone on it had heard of him...part of me is worried someone is going to say "WHAT?! That's my stolen horse!", or "Oh him. Yeah, he was a great reiner that broke down young and was sent out to pasture". : P Hoping to just get "Oh, he was a nice little trail pony. Well trained and never made it to his full potential".

How do adoptive parents and children do it?! He's just a pony and I'm already nervous!!

Anyway, I have a feeling I'll be up bright and early tomorrow to get an early crack at it. Keep your fingers crossed! Wednesday is our next lesson day, and I NEED him sound! And that's when I get to check with Coach W that he's moving in! 22 Days!!! :P

P.S. I've signed up to audit a dressage clinic in October! First one I'll get to see, and maybe NEXT YEAR, I'll get to make Moon with me! : )

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