Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Four big thoughts.

Wow. Got my first ‘comment spam’ today! I feel like I’m finally getting popular enough to get those kind of hits!

More importantly, thanks to those who find Moon-pie interesting to keep reading our blog, we’re nearly at 1000 page views! That seems so cool! Thanks everyone for reading and commenting, it’s always appreciated.

I still have to call W to cancel on tonight’s lesson. I’m dragging my feet a little bit on it, mainly because I’d rather be going. Oh well, beggars can’t be choosers. I also need to have another chat with her to make 100% certain we are in fact moving in at the end of the month! We spoke about it, she said she would set it up, and that was it...and I need to know 100% it's definitely happening, because otherwise I need to find somewhere else. We ARE moving at the end of September. I won't have it any other way!

Thus, 27 days till the big move!

Now, on to lineage...

So I’ve been thinking about lineage. A friend of mine owns a horse that looks a lot like Moon, so we dug out their family trees and discovered that they’re cousins, a couple of generations back. Ironically, the horse they’re related through, has a blaze very similar to both of theirs!

Someone on a forum had an AQHA gelding named Moon too. Which had me digging through Moon’s pedigree to see if there was anyone ‘notable’ in there. Keep in mind that Moon was a 12 year old, chunky, semi-retired trail pony when I met him. And certainly didn’t sell for a horse of any pedigree.



On his father’s side…
His Grandfather was Top Moon.
Racing sire; AQHA Hall of Fame Inductee

Top Moon

His Great Grandfather was Moon Deck.
Racing sire; AQHA Hall of Fame Inductee

His Great, Great Grandfather was Top Deck.
Thoroughbred, unraced. AQHA Hall of Fame Inductee

Top Deck

His Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather was Man O’War.
: ) A thousand generations back, but STILL!

Back there is also champion TBs:
Equipoise, Peter Pan I, Broomstick, Sir Gallahad III.

He’s also got Three Bars back there a couple times over, another AQHA Hall of Fame Inductee. And yes, Three Bars was a TB.

Doing a lot of math, I’ve calculated Moon to be 26.5% Thoroughbred. : ) His pop was 53% TB, and his dam was 100% QH (or pretty close).

…in other news…

The saddle hunt continues.

I figured that since we’re not riding this week because of the injury, I might as well do some more serious saddle hunting. For the curvy horse.

I sent Rick Payne, our resident saddle fitter another email. I’ve emailed him previously about having a saddle fit done on Moon, however felt like it would be a waste of money if I didn’t have $1500 right then and there to put towards a brand new semi-custom fit saddle.

So this afternoon I sent him a very direct and pointed email explaining what I can and cannot afford to do (current max saddle cost of $600…more as each month passes), what I will or won’t do (won’t spend $400 on pads and cinches to make a $300 saddle fit), and what I ideally want from him (a list of saddles to find used and bring back up here to have restuffed/fit).

I’ve been told that the older Counties, Jaguars, Michael Stokes, Stubben Edelweiss, Harry Dabbs, Prestige and CWD saddles would all work well with curvy backed horses. But I’m nervous to spend a big chunk of change (yes, to me $800 is still a big chunk on a saddle) and discover it doesn’t fit right at all.

I’m HOPING he’ll email me back and promise that we can narrow down the list and I can truly start searching for our next saddle. As someone who’s new to the competitive scene, I don’t think I need a $3k saddle. But I DO think I need a saddle that fits me and my horse correctly, and I really want to put my old Blackburn on the shelf of ‘the past’ and move on to a serious dressage saddle. I’ll never sell the Blackburn because how special it is to me (been on every horse I’ve ever loved and the BF bought it for me…and it’s my first saddle…and it’s probably only worth $100 now), however I recognize that it just won’t cut it anymore.

I do believe, as I’ve been told, that the Isabell that I’ve been dreaming of and hunting for, will not work with my horse. Apparently they are very flat paneled and since I’ve heard this many times, and since my own Blackburn is designed off them, I think it’s likely correct. The Wintecs are out.

I do feel for everyone who’s been through this process. I always thought “My saddle fits great. Why do people complain so much?!”…now that I’m actually spending real time in the saddle, and expecting movement and action out of my horse, I can see how much saddle fit impact our horses. Perhaps Karma is teaching me a lesson?

So, I’ll let you know what Rick says back!



Not sure how many of you follow Eventingagogo’s blog. I’ve only been following it since the start of this year, and did go back through a lot of her old posts, learning their history. Unfortunately, after sustaining a chronic leg issue which has never left Gogo the same, Andrea (her owner) has worked tirelessly to try to get her rideable again, or at least comfortable and sound in the pasture.

After some more recent swelling, we were astounded to learn of a new injury that leaves Gogo’s future as even a pasture pony in question. Now her owner is left with a difficult decision that I think haunts many of us at night; and often during the day as well.

You can’t help but feel for them both. My own recent experiences with lameness makes my heart skip a beat. None of us ever want to be in the place that they are today, yet most of us will find ourselves there.

Let us all at least send our best wishes and thoughts to them, whatever the final outcome.

For those who have been following them and want to do a little extra, Denali’s mom over at Wildponybeast are collecting donations to buy a little something special for Gogo’s mom.

Many kind thoughts to both of you.

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  1. Glad to hear your blog is doing well. It can be a lot of fun checking out a horses blood lines, Madeline the very dark TB you may have seen on my blog is Zafonic’s granddaughter he is quite famous you can check him out on Wiki. Good that you will be able to take a bit more time over getting the right saddle, after all you don’t want any old saddle for a relative of Man O War :)