Monday, August 1, 2011

Consider it sold!

First knock on wood!

Well folks, it took less time then I thought it would, but it looks like my new, and now old, Courbette saddle has sold. : )

That was what? About a week?

A fellow in Ontario just called me up to take some final measurements on it, and it appears that it will fit his narrow jumper just fine. He had me take a couple of extra measurements for him just to confirm (learned that seat size is based on middle of seat to grommet), and he was pleased as well. Apparently he's having problems finding a saddle that works for him, so this is just grand. And he even knows someone out here that can pick it up for him.

: )

He DID manage to con me into adding a pair of stirrups, but I have a pair that I bought from HorseLoverz earlier this year for $10 ($15 after you include shipping/duty) and am not using. They're pretty heavy for me, and I bought them as 5" (wide) thinking the BF might want to ride in them with my aussie saddle. Except, the aussie doesn't fit Moon'er.

I do have to go find the leathers that go with it, and oil everything up for him. : ) He's going to transfer the $$ tomorrow at the bank, so we should be good to go.


I'm also investigating buying a pair of shipping boots and a 1/2 pad from a girl in the US, which is good that this is sold to fund that endeavour! I'm pretty pleased as well, that overall, even when I take into account my gas to head to the US to pick up the saddle, the cost of the saddle, and the cost of the stirrups, I didn't really come out behind. That's all one can ask for right?

Overall, I'm pleased (provided this goes fine). : ) One thing done.

Now, anyone want a Baker Summer Sheet? $115, so you save the taxes! 76" Never even been used!

And anyone have a Wintec Isabell for sale? I think that's my new dream saddle... ; )


  1. If you want to make another exciting drive down to the border, State Line Tack is selling their wool-flocked Wintec Isabelles for $1305.99 plus tax plus $8 for oversized shipping. That's about $100 cheaper than Apple. I'll keep my eyes peeled for a used one.

  2. Oh sigh. Thanks Kiirsten, but I'm pretty sure I can't squeeze $1300 (plus I'm sure they'd stick me on duty with that one!) into the budget right now. : ( I was HOPING to find one used or a clearance of the old model, though that's still pretty expensive (found one on clear-out for $800 US).

    I keep reminding myself that I still want to pay to transfer his registration papers this year, plus with the Master's course this fall, I have to pre-pay which is close to a grand. sigh. And it's a good move to aim towards eventually making a higher salary, to later pay for more pony stuff (inevitably).

    Why can't we have it all???