Sunday, August 7, 2011

'Cause Life ALWAYS gets in the way...

Sorry folks, but I expect to be a little MIA this week (MIGHT manage to squeek in a post about this Wednesday's lesson, which I refuse to cancel!), as my older sister (technically both my sisters are older...they're twins) is getting married on Friday.

Instead of getting to go to my first fun show with the Interlake Riding Club today, I was at home in a hot house, baking a cake. Yes, I'm the official cake maker for my sister's wedding.

Three layers, fondant, modelling chocolate, butter cream, the whole kit and kaboodle. Today was all about baking the layers, slicing them, crumb coats, final butter cream, fondant coating, and making 5 colors of modelling chocolate. Oh yes folks, there's a REASON bakeries charge you $400 for these cakes!

Tomorrow I'm out at my folks putting the decorations on the cake (hundred of chocolate flowers and leaves to be made), and getting it completely ready for the big day. Of course, after that is rehearsals and decorations and all those other lovely things that come with weddings. Sadly, no ponies in this one (I TRIED to convince my sister that Moon would PERFECTLY fit the medieval theme, but she wasn't buying it).

The only pony thing for my Monday off? The fellow is picking up his saddle! : )

So folks, while I'm off 'wedding-it-up', PLEASE go enjoy your ponies for me! I know that's where I wanna be!

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  1. That cake sounds amazing. My sister is a baker, like you. I never quite got the hang of it. Enjoy the wedding!!!