Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Could it be True??!

So I've been emailing around to my fellow horse-riders trying to hunt down someone who has outdoor board or a tie-stall for about $300/month...

...and someone sent me this email:

Well my barns are all south of the city which I think is on the wrong end for you?? If I remember correctly you are in the North end of the city. I used to board at B Enterprises and am now at BV Stables. Your best bet may be WW Stables. I checked them out and seriously considered moving my horse there at one point. W does truly care about the horses and take good care of them. Outdoor board is $300/month and that includes Grow N Win everyday (which costs $40/bag!) and the paddock may be dirt but it is actually one of the largest I have seen and she has 2 or 3 separate feeders. She has great barn hours (I think 9am - 10pm) but the downside is the arena is reserved during lessons W is giving. She gives lessons to a couple of my English friends who ride there and they like it. T.C. goes there sometimes as well though I don't know if she has room for more. Oh, another plus I believe the arena is HEATED. I would definitely check out WW.

Uh...WW is my lesson barn! It's W's stable! wtf? I didn't even CONSIDER that she might offer outdoor board, since I always see all of the horses inside in box stalls. Is it possible?? : O

I'm not certain if the individual who emailed me has current information or if this is more from a year or more ago and maybe W has since changed her practices, BUT, if she DOES.... : O

Why wouldn't I go to W's??! Yes, it's a bit further then S Stables, and about as far as Barn F, but WW is...perfect. I adore W, I know they provide AMAZING care, there's no extra hauling or arena use fee, she's RIGHT there when were working in the arena with other horses (I could work with HER!), and I just LOVE the atmosphere there. They have small get togethers, like Dressage movie night, they go to competitions together, and just hang. Everyone I've met there is just awesome. And T.C. is an AMAZING jumping coach who started doing monthly lessons...little extra perk!

...now, do I call W this afternoon to get the scoop or do I wait until my lesson tomorrow? I think I'm too excited (and a little worried that she only does indoor now) to wait!

Fingers crossed everyone that I can just move to W's this winter!!!


Time elapse...


Is this a good idea?

Boarding at W's means I'm going to be constantly nervous (not that she's judging me, but that I'm going to feel like I'm being observed every time I ride), it's more expensive then a tie-stall and S Stables, and means I can't afford lessons with W even once a month...


What do I do?

Then again, I adore her, I know she provides awesome care, she's fun to ride with, they have such neat get-togethers, I know the place...

...but not trails. And no lessons for me. No riding when other people have lessons (funny since I recall someone riding during my lesson...). No outdoor ring...




  1. LOL. I often wish that Handsome lived in my backyard. There's about 15 by 30 feet of green space. Not a lot of room, I know, but my room mate has expansive flower beds that would make a comfy lounging space. If we moved everything out of the garage, it would be a very roomy stall.

    Red River College's Princess Street Campus used to be a livery stable. If they converted it back into daily-use stalls, I could ride Handsome to work every day!

    Ah the good ole' days...

  2. : O Ohh, wouldn't it be awesome to ride to work! My boss keeps offering to brand our company logo on Moon's bum and then let him graze on the lawn at work as a PR move...

    I asked if I'd still have to pay for parking... ; )

    Do you think we were born in the wrong era?? : P

  3. I'm so spoiled. My horse is at my work. I see her everyday, and her board just gets taken out of my paycheck. And I know she's getting taken care of, because I do most of her care. This barn searching is stressing me out, and it's not even effecting me in anyway...LOL.

    You'll find the perfect place!