Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rain-Rain, go away...

It's raining.
And it's lesson day. While rain doesn't affect my lessons (W has an indoor), it DOES mean that I have to get Moon in the rain, have to groom in the trailer, and haul in the rain. Icky.

Personally, I'm looking forward to my lesson too much to care. Maybe THIS week we'll canter?? I sure hope so!

I don't really have many tales to tell. I haven't seen Moon since Saturday, haven't ridden since Thursday, and am a LITTLE worried about him being out in the pouring rain in his fly mask. Then again, that's assuming it's still on...

I *had* thought I had something to say, which is why I opened my blog, but there's nothing. No word on the shipping boots, no word on the 1/2 pad, and I haven't had a chance to see if my payment arrived for the saddle (sure hope so). So I have zero news.

Zero news is boring. Hence, this post is boring. I don't even have an awesome new picture to show you. Just plain old boring.

Know what else? Next week T is going horse camping, so Mr. Moon will be staying home, and I'll get a lesson on one of W's horses (finally). Good and bad I suppose. Maybe I'll luck out and stick in one practice ride between now and then. Stupid wedding taking up all my pony time.

Yeah, that's it. Just boring. Hopefully today's lesson adds some excitement, to go along with my new banner and background. Hopefully. ; )

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