Monday, August 22, 2011

Sorry Sore.

Tomorrow, the pics and videos shall come. Today, let me just say my pony is sore.

I hate to say 'lame'. Lame sounds to me like an injury or chronic problem. Granted, this isn't the first time he's been unsound in the last 3 weeks...

This morning I went out to put another training ride on him, and after picking up a trot circle, he felt off. I tried switching my posting diagnol and it didn't improve, so I knew it wasn't in my head.

He was also extremely obstinate when asked to change to a trot from a walk, falling in or pushing out on the circle. I could tell he really wasn't happy about me asking for a faster gait.

I took him into the round pen to determine if it was just me, and couldn't really see anything with my untrained eye. Thinking perhaps the arena footing (just grass) was too hard and concussive, I decided to take him back to the area in front of the shed like we rode last night. Where he was fine.

Still the same obstinate, not wanting to ride a circle at a trot, and just feeling off. I finally called it a day (other then that, he was very supple and on the bit at a walk), and checked his legs for heat or swelling. Nothing.

Got home and watched the videos from the round penning, and saw very noticable gimpy movements, especially when circling to the right, though it was there in both directions. : ( And he was worse whenever he hit the harder pack.

What do I do? I'm *hoping* what I'm seeing is a sole bruising issue due to the bugs and the hard ground from how dry it is. But I can't say for sure, and I know that I haven't anywhere 'soft' to ride him. What if it's something worse, that's only showing up because of the increased riding??!

I *think* I'm going to email farrier D the video and ask if she thinks it relates to the sole bruising she saw at his last trim (his first signs of lameness occured intermittenly after the Wednesday lesson that followed). Perhaps we will investigate some sort of pad to help him out?

I really struggle here, because I want a clear determination of the issue before I start chasing solutions which cost time and money. Some had spoken of a product called 'durasole', which costs just $12 a bottle and seems to work well, but it needs to be applied OFTEN, and I'm not there to do it. Coppertox is also supposed to help, but I'm not sure I can be around to apply it often enough? Perhaps this week when I'll be housesitting is the best time to do it?

Then there's just paying the extra for the special farrier sole stuff. More expensive, but if that is our issue, it's a convenient, easy and successful solution. Certainly better then those horse boots...

Tomorrow folks, I'm gonna need your opinions on my own first lameness video. I mean, soreness video. Poor Moon'er. We were just getting it together. No point boarding him this winter if he's going to start being sore every day. : ( Somedays I wish I had a history on my pony. Has he ever had any serious lameness or injury I should know about??!

*sigh* I'm hoping this is temporary and fixable, not a serious, chronic issue. : (

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  1. I can’t say for sure without taking a look at him, but it sound to me like it’s the hard ground, or he could have pulled a muscle in his shoulder with all the work, anyway I will just wait to see the video.