Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Double and Triple Boos. : ( to bed for tonight, BUT I've got four things on my mind:

1) I emailed T about moving barns (I'm such a wimp, I know. I just needed to tell her and I express myself WAY better in an email. And since she wasn't at the barn when I was around today...which made me worry that she wasn't there BECAUSE of my email), so now I'm stressing that she's upset with me. : ( We're supposed to go for our weekly trail ride tomorrow, so we'll see what happens there... : ( I just really hope I didn't upset her. That's the last thing I want...

2) My lesson today was ALL ABOUT ugly faces. The time off was BAD for Moon, who was so stiff it was like our first lesson all over again. Boo. : ( Plus he was still coming up sore every once in awhile. Double-boo : (

3) Moon's causing some injury to his belly from fly kicking. Makes me worry as one horse at the barn already has a wound with proud flesh because of the same thing, and now seeing Moon's injury...he NEEDS a belly band for his fly sheet, which despite it being potentially hot tomorrow, I MADE him wear. Hope he's okay with it in this new herd. : ( And that means $$ to buy the new belly band-style sheet. : (

4) I have very exciting barn news...the only non-boo of the day!


  1. Hi I am new to your blog, my gelding often kicks his belly but luckily has never done any harm, I hope all works out well.

  2. Hi Edward! Welcome to the blog. Thanks for the well wished for Moon'er, and I'm hoping that I've caught it in time to prevent any real injury.

    Hope you stop by again! : )