Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Simply Red

The rain let up just in time for me to head to the barn before the sun fully set. In the faint redish glow that remained on my arrival, I *think* there's less of a lump on Moon's leg. Almost like it's elongated and flattened a bit. I've decided that's good. I need to believe that's good or I'll probably go a little crazy(ier). I put in another 15 minutes of cold hosing and an open poultice since I won't be able to see him until tomorrow night.

The other ankle seemed and felt fine. No heat, no swelling. But I poulticed anyway, 'cause it's not like it's a bad thing.

The home owners of the house I'm looking afte a back tomorrow, so I'll no longer be so close to Moon. Sad in that regard, but I'm SOOO ready to be back with my own dog, my own bed and my own BF. Er, a BF. ; )

I think I'm going to wind up cancelling on tomorrow's lesson, as I'd rather do it with Mr. Moon. Perhaps I'll see if I can squeeze it in on Friday instead? Assuming he trots out okay...

I broke down and ordered a pair of Cavallo boots for Moon. I thought of waiting and trying to track down a used pair, but after searching google and craigslist and emailing a few people, I realized it will likely take me a couple of weeks if not months, and really, Moon needs them sooner rather then later. The sale online from Cavallo made the price pretty close to most of the used ones I was coming across anyway, plus the shipping to the border was free. And no taxes either. So I said "to heck with it" and settled for a red pair. As one fellow said, at least if they fall off, they'll be easy to find!

So that means shipping boots on their way, merino fleece pad on its way and horse boots on their way. Oye. Didn't I say I wasn't going to spend any more money?!

I've found two potential Isabell saddles in my size...one would require a trip to Minneapolis, MN, which might not be out of the question. It's brown though...The other is an ebay option, which I'll have to watch and see where it settles out. I'm hoping in my favor, but lets be realistic here : P If any bloggers are competing against me on this one: "STOP IT!" : )

Oh, and enjoy my random pony wearing wraps pictures, since they wouldn't upload earlier this week. These are the last that I got off my camera before it bit the big one...

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  1. I am thinking about you and Moon. I have been reading all your posts and I know the feeling of frustration and helplessness that comes with leg and foot problems. I often wish Handsome could talk - I know it would save me a lot of anxiety. I am glad to read that your fluid pockets seem to be healing and I have my fingers crossed that Moon will trot out completely sound.