Thursday, August 18, 2011

Before the storm came!

(Picture's should've been with last post, but hey, they only would upload now)
Went out late yesterday to the barn to put a bit of work into Moon. It was nearly 8:30 pm when I arrived and the sun goes down by quarter to 9! So I whipped off his fly sheet (my attempt at making a belly band didn't work...back to the drawing board!), and just rode him in his bridle.

...I didn't even bothering going to the ring! No time! Must ride before dark!

So we did a lot of circling, some straight aways and some leg yielding. It didn't start out the best, but I kept working on it, reminding myself to USE my outside leg. Not just let it hang there. And to engage him with my outside rein as well.

After a couple of minutes of circling, he started to really improve and I felt like I was getting the beginning of contact that was maintained. The leg yeilding was difficult until I started using ALL of me, and I actually think he came around and gave me some nice moves at the end.

I finished it off having him come to a halt without lifting his head or neck up. Stay on contact.

Guess what? He did.

More impressive? All this while lightening was illuminating the sky and thunder was crashing in the distance. Spooky. Like a champ, he was awesome for me right up until I closed the gate on the pasture. He went from standing there calmly munching his carrot to BOLTING across the field, kicking and running. I took that as a hint!

Turn off the tack shed light (it was DARK now), and caught a few quick pics of the last of the sunset. The lightening was even closer and I knew I'd best start for home...

...10 minutes later I was driving in a full out storm, lightening, high winds, heavy rains and hail. Did the trusted move of parking under an overpass till it seemed to blow over, but was caught by 3 more severe squalls. So bad you couldn't even see the lines on the roads and everyone (an ambulance included) had pulled over and waited it out.

Happy to say I still got home safe and sound, hardly even later then expected! The good part? It was our first rain in WEEKS. Too bad it was over 10 minutes after I got home!

Moon's "Owie"


  1. I was caught in that same storm! Horrible rain and hail, but the lightning before the clouds opened up was spectacular.

  2. Nice photos, I always get a headache during storms. Moon is looking nice and shiny, shame about the belly band not working, I was wondering how old is Moon? It sounds like your riding went well.

  3. : ) Shiny but Tubby! : ) Hopefully W can help us get some weight off this winter!

    He turned 12 this year, a 1999 baby. Can't believe he'll be a teenager next year! Guess he's starting to show his age, but his heart is still young! : )

    Thanks for the compliment! And boo-urns to the headache. I love listening to thunderstorms : )

  4. Sounds like a nice ride on Moon. I loved the pics, Moon looks nice and happy (maybe a little chubby lol)