Sunday, July 31, 2011

Toe Trim.

Yesterday morning, the farrier was out to trim Moon's hooves. I was getting a little apprehensive of their condition, with the dry hot weather and number of flies (aka. lots of stomping).

He was starting to get some vertical striations that are indicative of future splitting, along with some chips coming out of his heel area. I'm a little hoof-obesssed, and knew that based on the amount of hoof wall showing, he was due for a trim.

It had been just 5 weeks since his last one.

Sure enough, the farrier agreed that he could have been done at 4 weeks instead (as I had guessed). She trimmed off the excess growth, and was pretty pleased with their condition compared to a lot she had seen recently.

He showed SOME bruising on his sole, though it was pretty mild. Because of the stomping, any little bit of growth winds up taking chunks out of the hoof and causing splaying. She trimmed out most of those missing chunks (yeah!), and overall said they're looking good and solid still.

She suggested I start putting hoof dressing on his hooves 2-3 times/week until it starts getting moist again, to prevent splitting. Other then that, not much can be done. Oh, and putting him onto a 4-week rotation for trims! Ike.

The only downside of the whole thing was what a BRAT Moon was during his trim. She normally LOVES him and his quiet behavior, but this time he was just cranky. Pulling his hooves away from her, refusing to lift his feet for her, standing stupid. Just being a brat.

Despite 2 rounds of fly-spray the bugs kept coming too. Finally (after he had a bit of a fit), I crouched down and waved the flies off his belly and legs. No surprise, he settled down and didn't budge an inch during the entire trim of his last foot. my boy THAT much of a princess?

It's too hot for his fly sheet, so I just left him with his mask on. I REALLY want him in a sheet as he's COVERED with fight marks, since he moved back to the larger herd. Have to say, I almost prefer him being ignored to being picked-on at this point. : (

I even had to put some Blue-Spray on one wound yesterday which had some exposed flesh that the flies were going after. sigh. So many little cuts and scratches. At least a sheet would protect him a bit. : (

Anyway, maybe I'll manage to get out there tomorrow to go for a ride and see what he remembers...


  1. I can usually get my guy trimmed every 6 weeks, but during fly season. But this year, with the heat and humidity and the flies, I am actually having the farrier tidy him up in between trims so that chips due to stomping don't get out of hand. This summer has been brutal.

  2. Seems so brutal for everyone. This is my first summer with Moon, but it looks like he needs 4 week trims in the summertime and could PROBABLY squeeze in a tidy at 2 weeks! Farrier says he has crazy fast growth, and that's WITHOUT supplements! She'd probably have to move into the barn if I put him on biotin...

    Not sure if it's a good or a bad summer to be a farrier...