Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome to 2012


2011 flew by, and with it, my first year anniversary with MoonSox. A year of adventure, firsts and lessons to be learned.

When I stopped by the barn before 2011 ended, after 2 weeks away from my pony, he was hot headed, spooky and energetic. And I surprised myself by how well I could sit down and handle it all, bringing him onto the bit and actually telling him what I wanted not just asking him if he'd mind doing it.

I learned he'd had a mini bout of stomache upset just a few days earlier, W catching him lying in the field and not himself. She gave him some bran mash and the whole family looked in on him over the night. By morning he was himself again. Phew.

Christmas included a new set of 'webber' style stirrup leathers which I LOVE. After test riding in them, I'm happy to say no more thigh bruising! LOVE it.

I also got a really nice pair of rubber reins which I put on my black bridle. All set for showing, just a black girth away from a complete set of black tack! And that's just 2 weeks away from being picked up. Oh, and I just need a black dressage jacket to be ready for showing. Everything else I've got and am ready to ride in. And THAT leads us to our 2012 goal.


I noticed that the Dressage Winnipeg 2012 membership forms are out and early-bird deadline is January 31st. I'm printing out and mailing my form in this week. The MHC applications will probably be out in February or March, and then I just need my EC passport. SET!

I've been woodburning like crazy to help fund our show career, but have hit a small snag...two words...


I've come across a couple that I REALLY like at a great price. I've been dreaming of my own trailer since I got Moon, since while T is wonderful to let me borrow hers, there's nothing like the freedom of having your own. The BF has a truck that will haul fine and has no qualms with me borrowing it. We also now have room to store it, close to where Moon is.

There's two I'm chatting with the owners about right now, and contemplating spending a little of my show funds on it. Long term, it's probably the better choice and I still have lots of plaques to burn to carry on the showing. And it'd be nice to haul ourselves to the shows, rather then beg and borrow a ride. : ) Also opens up a lot of the smaller horse shows that I can't beg rides too. I'm toying with the idea and we'll see how it pans out. Still need to secure a deal at the right price. For me, I just want a little 2 horse bumper-pull. Big enough to fit a horse for a friend and I know Moon will load into one just fine. Plus the small size is easy to store and light to haul.

But that's still me dreaming into the future ; )

Back to today. I headed out and got a ride in on Moon before the farrier showed up. He went well, and while our trot work was a bit messy (with two other riders in the ring, Moon was a little distracted...I have to admit, I wasn't much better), but his walk work was FABULOUS. He's understanding what it means to be on the bit. I actually was able to get him to hold the bit and lower his head further then we've ever managed before. And KEEP it there, so I could feel his mouth in my hands. It was A-W-E-S-O-M-E. Didn't even care if he wanted to race the other horses when they went round at a canter. I LOVE how quickly he'd lower his head for me. Score!

The farrier trim was crazy fast, 15 minutes it seemed! Maybe more, but it sure was quick. The farrier showed me the nice toe callous Moon is developing and modified her trim a bit to account for his tender toes last time. She agreed he'd grown out well (she thought it'd been 8 weeks, but surprise, only 5 and a half! He's soo quick growing. Even better?? His flares were much less apparent then ever before. So happy. He used to chip off at 4 weeks, so while she's a touch more expensive, I'm not having to have her out as often. And THAT is cost saving in itself! Now let's see if he'll be sore this week...

I finished my afternoon off with a quick visit with a good friend and then took some shots of my cute pony. Something to remember the start of 2012 with. With our AWESOME new Nikon DSLR camera. This thing is amazing. Super shots, AND I got a remote shutter release for it for Christmas. What does that mean? Set it up on a tripod and as I ride by, photograph myself with the push of a button. FINALLY, I can get pics of myself riding! : )

I've tallied up my 2011 pony expenses for another post, and will probably have to get around to doing a year in review. But that's for tomorrow. Today, I'm going back to burning signs! : )

Happy New Year Everyone!


  1. Happy New Year! I am excited to hear about your show season this year! I am sure you and Moon will be fabulous! He is such a handsome boy!

  2. Your very own trailer would really be worth the expense... I can attest to that! I hope you're able to work out the details so you and Moon can show, show, show!

    Beautiful pictures of Moon, too!

  3. Happy New Year to Moon and you. A trailer sounds like a good idea, I like the two in the photos they are quite smart, I am sure Moon will be happy to be arriving in style.

  4. Those are super photos of Moon! Your camera does a wonderful job. It really captures his sweet, sweet face.