Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Oh Fate...

why do you torture me so??!

I've always told myself (it makes me feel better) that some super-human power determines how things pan out. So when things don't turn out as I want, I tell myself that some greater power saves me from an unknown terror. Like perhaps that brown trailer was actually stolen and THAT's why I didn't get it. Or the white one was rusted through underneath...

Fate once again has its cold hands wrapped firmly around my future, and I'm left waiting for her to do something. About that horse trailer.

Which trailer? The little blue-grey one with the front escape door. Since coming across it, I've turned my nose up at most of the little WW-style ones (those 2-horse with the little tack doors on the sides), with something about this one just appealing to me. The biggest appeal? That escape door. Not being trapped with a misbehaving horse.

The owner responded, that she has everything I need to clear the border. And the papers are on their way from Iowa. And she'll keep taking offers until it's paid for...

Which means I need three twists of fate:

1) No one in the area can buy the trailer before the papers arrive. If a local offers to purchase and is okay picking up the papers at a later date, it's sold.
2) If papers arrive by Saturday (the post comes on Saturday??) then I'll drive down on Sunday and hopefully have it home by Sunday night.
3) If they DON'T come by Saturday, I'll be waiting another week to get down there. AND if a better offer comes along, it's sold.


I'm now waiting. Anxiously. Fate, you evil, evil bugger.

Tonight, no ride on Moon, as the roads are bad thanks to a storm that blew through, and my pa came to visit. Always nice to visit with your pa. I plan on being out tomorrow and will have a long discussion with Moon-pie about the powers of fate. And how he better stay healthy and sound if I get the trailer.

Everyone cross your fingers and baby toes. Or email the lady and tell her how awesome we are and how much she should sell it only to us. Maybe I should email her a pic of Moon's cute little face... ; )

I'm hoping...


  1. Argh!! Well I hope no one comes along and buys the trailer! Hopefully the papers come in the mail on Saturday and you can go get your trailer on Sunday. Crossing everything I can!!

  2. Crossing fingers and toes! I have truck and trailer envy reading about this. Now you will be able to go wherever you want to ride!

  3. Well let’s hope fate is on your side and all turns out well and you get the trailer, fingers crossed.