Wednesday, January 18, 2012

All Dressed Up.

I've been staring at my Schneider's gift certificate, knowing I need to commit to the last of my show clothes. After another confirming read through the National Rule Book, I've decided to just show in my chocolate brown hunt coat, rather then buy another. Truthfully, I tried on way too many coats with none of them fitting properly (I've a long thin torso and monkey arms), and was beyond thrilled when I found my TuffRider. It actually FITS without me looking stupid.

I've also decided to pair it with beige breeches, since white are more expensive and beige will match my gear better. Oh, and let's face it. It's hard to look good and stay clean in white pants! Beige also means I can use these show breeches if I haul Moon to any smaller fun shows or local fairs, which have other classes like hunt seat, jumper or hack. Again, my brown coat would be fine here as well. By using this color combo, I'm essentially able to use most of the gear I already have and ride it in any class.
So once I place my order, I'll have everything but black gloves. Which I can probably find somewhere last minute. I'm going to add the butt chains for the new trailer, a fork for it, a head bumper for my silly horse (better safe then sorry) and maybe a cute new finishing brush. Gift cards gone. : P

For those curious, the EC Sanctioned shows have the following dress rules:

 A dark coloured or grey jacket (tailcoats not permitted).
Contrasting pin stripes and piping are allowed.
 ASTM/SEI or BSI/BS EN approved protective headgear
 White or light coloured breeches
 Juniors are permitted to wear jodhpurs and jodhpur boots.
 Tie, hunting stock, or choker
 Gloves
 Dark coloured riding boots (plain, laced or with zippers)
 Dark coloured half chaps or half boots zipped over short boots
may be worn. Half chaps/boots are forbidden at Silver and Gold

I assume that beige is "light coloured" and therefore I'd be fine. Even if I'm not "cool" or "in"...

THIS is what I assume we'll look like...(minus the terrible head-behind-the-vertical head position...and faulty left-hind hock...oh, and I have eyes...and a mouth...)

In other news, I found out from my trailer contact that "Ford Blue" was the original trailer interior color, which tempts me to keep the color the same. Though it's kinda...bright. She also told me that my trailer was actually in better condition then her own!! That her dad (the creator of Blair trailers) and her husband custom designed and built for her. How sweet is that??!

I learned a lot from our email chain and am a little sad to be so far away, as she invited me to come trail riding with her. Apparently her best trail partner (her hubby) passed away and now she doesn't really have anyone to go with. Boy I wished I lived somewhere near Kansas...Anyone wanna come on a road trip?! ; )

I bailed on going to the barn last night (bad, bad me!) but think I'll compel myself to get out there today. And while I'm at it, check some details on the trailer. Why, why is it so cold out?!! The only one who likes it is this one:
(yip, that's my dog, and yip, she's cheaper then gasoline...)


  1. So interesting about your trailer! I love discovering thing's histories. And you got to speak to the creator's daughter!

    Your dog is too cute! Does she pull you?

  2. Sand. . .there's an award for you on my blog! :)

  3. Good to hear it’s all coming together, I am sure Moon and you will look great for your show, can we expect to see some photos of your first show? Great shot of your dog she looks quite at home in the snow.