Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Cost of Ownership

As my first year of horse ownership has come to completion, I'm left wondering "Is it really worth the expense?" Okay, I'm not actually thinking that at all, since I LOVE having Moon all to myself and it's BEYOND worth the cost. The difference between leasing/part boarding and OWNING is a million to one.

I like to believe that I've been a good owner this past year. Mr. Moon was put on a vaccine program, maintained on a deworming schedule, trimmed regularly and spoiled endlessly. I took him from a pasture puff to a dressage pony in-training and he's been more amazing then I ever thought possible. I LOVE horse-ownership and every day still drive home from the barn elated that I've got him. The best Christmas present ever.

But really, what WERE our first year expenses?

Board (12 mos.): $1500
Farrier ($30 x 7, $36 x 1): $246
Vaccines (WNV, 3 Way, Flu): $106
Vet Appointment + Teeth Float: $250
Dewormer (every 3 mos.): $25
Multivitamin: $20
Poultice/Wraps: $75
Lessons ($130 x 7 sets): $910
Trailer Rental: $120
Flysheet/Summer Sheet: $98
Cooler: $48
Fleece 1/2 pad/Shipping Boots: $100
Hoof Boots: $100
Blanket Liner/Treats: $63
Long Girth: $30
Turnout Blanket/Hood: $170
Wintec Saddle: $500
Horsewear Halter: $35
Starter Gear (brushes, bridle, etc.): $192
Turnout Sheet/Dressage Girth/Show Shirt: $105

Wintec Girth: +$30
CC Saddle: +$100
Fly Sheet: +$35
Halter-Bridle: +$30

TOTAL 2011 EXPENSE: $4498

So Fourty Five Hundred dollars in the first year of owning my horse. Totally worth it. : )

And I figure, the costs will probably be about the same for 2012. I have most of the gear we'll need, and will only see the cost rise because of that wonderful horse trailer I'm dreaming of...and showing!

Board = $1600
Farrier = $350

Vaccines (WNV, 3 Way, Flu): $106
Dewormer (every 3 mos.): $16
Lessons ($130 x 8 sets): $1040
Horse Trailer: $1500 
Show Clothes (Dressage Jacket, Breeches): $200
Show Fees: $800
Estimate 2012 Expenses: $5600

No, owning a horse that's not at home isn't cheap. But I know that it's a short term thing for us and this year, we're capturing a dream I've had for a very long time. Next winter I suspect Mr. Moon will be back outdoors, I'll be riding in ditches and our show money will be put towards fencing in our property. Change is inevitable and each adventure is worth the expense. 

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