Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Oh Trailer, Trailer, Trailer.

I'm officially obsessed.

With pony trailers. Especially after browsing all the local light horse shows that occur at fairs around the province, I've convinced myself that it would be absolutely awesome to have my own trailer. And would be useful in the future when Moon moves home, is wonderful when we're no longer at a showy barn, and well, it'd be great. My fellow bloggers assure me of that. I HATE having to borrow things off of others, and this would be sweet.

I've hunted Craigslist like the devil. I can't stop.

I've emailed, texted and if it weren't so late, would be calling potential sellers.

Why the rush when show season is still 5 months away?

We have a trip planned to the Minneapolis area, for a nice weekend away. Why? We scored a free jacuzzi suite after an incident at a hotel last winter and the voucher expires in March. So we're going to use it up. And what better to pick up on the trip then a new horse trailer?! Just in time for my birthday ; ) Alterior motive??

Like the nutter I am, I'm looking at "local" comparables. I know a friend sold a refinished 2 horse bp last summer for $3800. There's a rusty one a province over for $2500 and another for $1600. Quite the range really. I'm currently able to find similar trailers with less rust (I mean, the $1600 one has HOLES in the walls it's so rusted), but minor cosmetic issues such as the plexiglass needing replacing in the windows or a rear door needing to be re-welded on (did I tell my dad today that I adore him??). For significantly less...

Here's a current debate.

One style offers no front managers, but rather a full escape door on either side of the front of the trailer. It also lacks tack storage, but this means it's a lot longer and more spacious. The other has the little mangers and tack storage, but reduces the trailer length...preferences? Does anyone actually store their gear in their trailer??

The little white trailer that need a paint-job on the roof is still in the running, along with a similar little grey one with a touch more rust. The final two are a blue one that needs some love, and a red one that's a little taller, also in need of love.

Tomorrow, I start calling and harrassing people.

And the BF wonders why the determination to find one!! : P Phht. Boys. Anyone want to remind him how he was when looking for that motorcycle he wanted...or atv...or snowmobile... ; )


  1. Well, I can see I'm not going to be any help because I'm going to ramble... I really DO store a lot of stuff in my trailer, but I also prefer the trailers without mangers. I've had both kinds and I just think the horse has more room and travel better when they can put their hooves and head where they want. On the other hand, though, what better to brace against than one of those mangers?! The manger-less ones are also a bit safer for loading, but if Moon self loads it might not be an issue. If you plan on hauling other people's horses, do they self load?

    If you have all of your horsey things stored already and don't need the extra storage space, then perhaps the one without mangers is a better choice. Will you have somewhere to put all your show stuff without it, though? And I like to pack everything the night before so I'm ready to roll first thing in the morning... would you have to pack in the morning if you didn't have tack storage in the trailer?

    See, no help! But I'm super excited for you and once you have your own trailer you'll wonder how you got along without one! :)