Monday, January 30, 2012

Our return

The BF and I haven't quite made it back into normal spirits and felt a strong pull to spend some time with family. For us, that includes the fur-kind.

Since my dad had some stuff to pick up at the US parcel place, I lucked out in finally getting the horse gear I ordered in November (and took 6 weeks for HorseLoverz to ship). It was waiting for me when I got home and ufortunately, some things were missing.

For starters, I had ordered the competition pad and instead got an olympic pad. I had also ordered a blue trimmed show pad and instead got a red trimmed one. *sigh* I had heard some terrible things of HorseLoverz customer service, but have yet to experience it. They gained some brownie points when they were kind enough to refund my purchase prices and let me keep the miss-sent items.

So the BF and I went to visit the poor pony who's been sitting in a field getting fat over the last 2 weeks, and make sure he knew he was well loved and soon to resume his place of work and training.

We tried on his new gear after a good grooming (it goes so fast when you have someone helping) and the red-trimmed pad looks great and fits perfect. I'm kicking myself for not getting a slightly larger dressage girth, but I think that the double elastics might still stretch out. They're on the first and second holes and creeping forward. Then again, it's still rather stiff and he has more weight to take off.

We tried his new rain sheet as well, and while the length is perfect, he's too much shoulder. The BF and BO both thought it looked and fit well, but I really think it'll rub something nasty in the shoulder. He's just so broad and they stitched the darts too low. Oh well. I'll try it on him a few more times before deciding if I should try to sell. Suppose he'll only wear it when it rains.

His winter blanket needs some more repair since he acquired a nice rip clear through while we were away. Oye. Whole back end is covered in bite marks. Must control irritation. Only benefit remains that he's not marred up because of it. And blanket season will end soon.

I did pull the tail flap off after finding it's been rubbing the hair off one side of his tail. Which won't likely grow back in time for show season. Boo.

Beyond that, Moon was a sassy-pants. The BF looked at me and said "I think you should ride him more".    : P  Which was in all rights, sweet. As we drove home from Gran and Gramps he had been asking me all sorts of questions about our future barn and pasture. Gran had sent us to help with chores with one of their long-time friends and we had a lovely tour of their stable. The BF has now begun a great deal of planning, from our paddocks to our tack room. Which includes space for his own future horse. A Clydesdale I'm told...

For those without horse-husbands, as mine isn't (neither horse-y nor husband-y by nature), you know how much it makes your heart burst when they take even the smallest interest in your equine persuits. I believe I'm truly spoilt.

Granted, with it comes the direct and pointed BF that I know and love (in time). As he turns to me and says "You're going to have to stop riding like you have been if you want to compete. Twice a week of trotting circles isn't going to cut it."

: )

The goal is to get him back into work and up his training schedule. We're just a couple of months away from show season and he can not be in the behavior he's in right now. Though 2 weeks off will do that to a horse. Since we can add cantering to our routine now he should hopefully get a little more tired and a little less sassy.

I'm also aiming to get back into my weekly lessons with W starting next week, which means more serious riding and hopefully some new thought and input. We didn't make as much progress during our time apart as I'd hoped but we did get that canter circle accomplished. And that's pretty darn good.

The BF and I are planning our 8 year anniversary vacation for next month, which I hope to roll into my birthday celebration and turn into an unbridled shopping/relaxation weekend. The BF already wants to head to a motorcycle store and we've both placed our next set of orders. Since I received a credit from HorseLoverz for my mistaken order, I used the refund to purchase a training Surcingle. Which means I can start teaching Moon to drive when it arrives. I hope to get the BF out to help me with that one, since I will need the extra hands...

To get free shipping and since I had a coupon, I also got the dog a cute little blanket that reads "I didn't do it". Only problem is it needs to be -80 for her to wear it without roasting. But since it technically didn't cost me anything, I'm not complaining.

I also finally spent my Christmas gift certificates at Schneiders. The order is in for my show breeches, a tail wrap and head bumper for Moon in the trailer, 4 bridle racks and a saddle rack for the trailer upgrades and 4 dewormers. 2 to finish off my year's supply and 2 for a friend. So other then brakes, I'm all set for my trailer upgrades in the spring.

What more can I say? Not much. We wait for spring to show up and get back into our routine. Routines are good. Oh, and someone remind me again why this little fellow isn't one of our fur-family...

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