Monday, January 30, 2012

Getting Official

I've been keeping tabs for awhile now on the different memberships Moon and I will have to join to compete in dressage this summer. Two weeks ago I mailed out our Dressage Winnipeg membership and waited patiently for our Provincial horse organization to get around to updating their page. Which was keeping me from joining the National horse organization and getting my Bronze Sport Licence.

Well guess what?

They updated it today.

Which means I'm officially a provincial and national member. I didn't bother with amatuer status since Walk-Trot is all Open anyway. All I can say is I best get back to woodburning... ; )

I also signed up for 15 weeks of yoga, after reading the first couple of Chapters in "A Gymnastic Riding System" by Betsy Steiner. It's all about core strength and that's one thing I haven't a clue how to strengthen off a horse. So to Yoga I shall go. We bought a voucher from an online deal site, so the whole 15 weeks was just $20! Hopefully after 15 weeks I'll have some take-home skills to keep working on and be in good shape for show season. Plus, it's always awesome to try something new.

(yes, he has gained weight...two weeks off and no surprise there.
Hopefully a few weeks of regular work and he'll start trimming down again)

I had an opportunity tonight to get Moon back into his training regime which I hope is the start of regular training again. I almost have to recommend that everyone take two weeks away from your horse and then get back on. You might be surprised.

Moon for some reason was on good-behavior this evening, surprising me with the smooth rythym of his paces, sharp transitions and more special, contact. I actually realized just how much more contact he gives me then he ever used to. Granted, we don't achieve "positioning" of his head at the vertical, but there he is, in my hands, listening.

We had one "Holy cow" moment when we accidently performed a beautiful turn-on-the-haunches, with only a single forward step in our 300 degree circle. It was purely accidental and I couldn't possibly ask him to do it again, but I was thrilled to know that he COULD do it if I ever figure out how. T-o-t-h requires a certain amount of lightness of the forehand and I'm thrilled to discover we're getting there.

(yippee! finally a REAL dressage girth instead of an aussie girth.
Looking good Mr. Moon. Now if only you could lose those pounds
you gained so it fits better : P )

A nice leg yield off the wall and some decent serpentines for a horse out of work. We tried some trot poles, but someone (Moon) spaced them too far apart and didn't know if he should trot or canter. So tried both, making a mess of it.

We did some more canter circles, nearly achieving 1 complete circuit in our bad direction and only 3/4 in our good. Granted, our first go 'round in the good direction included a certain horse attempting to canter OVER our trot poles sideways...and instead stepping directly atop one. He seemed to come away without damage (I sure hope), but he broke to trot to go through them every time after that. Poor smart pony.

I had before this a sweet and kind blog post, but have decided to keep it unposted. Instead I'll just summarize to say that I got my Dressage Girth (finally) and am pleased. The quality is nice and it looks pretty darn good on Mr. Moon. With it he got a new rain sheet...which is a bit tight through his broad shoulders. He also got a show pad for this summer and another grippy pad for practicing at the barn. Plus some pastern wraps for his hoof boots and I got a show shirt. HorseLoverz had screwed up my order as well, but were kind enough to refund my money on the items they messed up on, but let me keep them. So in the end I ordered myself a surcingle and hopefully will start training Moon to ground drive in a couple of weeks when it arrives. I haven't any driving reins, but I've a long rope and some snaps and a genius idea to attempt to create my own. ; )

I also placed an order with my Christmas gift cards for some trailer gear for Moon. Including a saddle rack and bridle racks for it, a head bumper and tail wrap for him (which he might have to wear in the field since I've discovered his tail flap has rubbed his tail near bare...which will look right awful come show season). Lastly I bought the show breeches I was needing and some dewormer for next season.

So I just need to order brakes and tires, and find a pair of show gloves. I'm hoping to get back into lessons with W next week since things have settled down and we need the training.

Oh, and can someone tell me why this little fellow isn't part of our fur family yet? : ) He chased us around the ring for 20 minutes trying to grab Moon's tail. Then after Moon was back in his paddock, the kitten climbed onto the fence while Moon was drinking his water. Moon looked up and wiped a big mouthful of dripping water all over the kittens back, pushing him off the fence and into the snow! Kitten came up swinging! Too funny!

(and no, Moon didn't even care. He only looked back when Curly horse
started bellowing out in the paddock. Mr. Kitten even wandered
around his back for awhile! Soooo want him!)

Hoping for another training ride tomorrow. We both need it.


  1. Love the kitty! Cute :) And I personally love taking yoga, it has helped my core strength a lot so I hope it does the same for you!

  2. Wow! You got a good deal on that yoga! Great minds must think alike; I just had my first yoga class yesterday and it was amazing! Not at all what I expected, I loved it!
    I can't wait to hear about you and Moon competing! So exciting!

  3. Missy and Moon are so much alike...their owners torture them by putting cats on their backs and they say "No Big Deal!" :)

  4. Yoga is really the way to go to achieve core strength, and its lessons are so useful in learning how to truly control movement. So important for correct riding skills I woulds think. Enjoy!

  5. I love riding my horse after he has had a good break as he is always very good if a little fresh. Your new dressage girth looks great. I don’t do yoga but it will be interesting to read how it befits your riding, have fun. The kitty is really sweet, very nice photo of it on Moon.