Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Life is Bland. And Trailers go Fast.

I warned a friend that blogger is in for an onslaught of posts by me...since I've one more sitting on the backburner after this one, plus hopeful of catching some footage of me and Moon this evening, best everyone pull out their reading glasses and clear their evening schedules...okay, don't bother, since most of this is mindless, focussed ramblings. Especially because I'm frustrated.

This trailer shopping things from a distance is hard. Especially when you’re trying to judge the repair costs, the condition, the rust, the damages…even simple things like what features you want.

I’ve worked out the importation requirements, which as long as the trailer is over 15 years of age, is pretty simple. Get the title for it, bill of sale and haul it home. Pay your taxes and you’re good.
I’m currently investigating 4 trailers. One of the previous ones sold already, though it was gorgeous so I’m not surprised. Then again, it seemed a bit too good to be true and the sale notice came after I inquired about a title…and the ad is still up… 

2 of the current runner-ups are older models in need of repair. Of the two, there’s a taller red one that catches my eye. For twice their price is that lovely white one I posted the other day. Plus a new brown one in great condition with an unknown price…While the price of the last two may be higher, I can not really spot any rust on them. Rust is expensive and time consuming to fix. Between the two, we have a white one that could use a paint job, or a brown one that’s a hideous color. 

In2Paints was kind enough to leave me with some thoughts to debate the tack storage or not question. At a show, I would likely keep my tack in the truck since we have a quad-cab and it’s a lot more secure. At home, it’s not going to be on-site of Moon for at least 2 years and anything stored in it would likely be chewed by mice/voles. In 2 years, I hope to have a proper tack storage place or I’ll continue to keep my stuff in the house away from the varmints. Right now I have sufficient tack storage at the barn that I wouldn’t need it anyway. Which would lead you to think that I’d go with the tack-less option to provide more room… 


Let’s face it. Condition and cost is going to make the decision for me. No point getting my heart set on one type only to find an otherwise perfect trailer in the opposite style. 

I did find an awesome store that sells all kinds of accessories to fix up an old trailer: It’s pretty awesome. Almost any repair stuff you’d need, from windows, padding, vents, etc. Awesome. 

I’m still staring at that white trailer hoping to hear they have the title on it. Drool. I love how little rust I can see on it, which hopefully would be true in person. The ad hasn’t been up long enough for me to hope for significant bargaining room, ditto on that brown one. 

…and the brown trailer replies. Current highest offer is $600 : O Are people crazy? But of course he’s not willing to wait more then a day or two and I can’t get out until next weekend. Boourns. So the dream transfers back to that white trailer… 

Why so obsessed? Well, there’s the whole freedom thing, but I also think there’s this little bored part of me that wants something to obsess on during the day. I’m not sure why, okay, I know why, but I’ve reached a bit of a plateau at work that has me chomping at the bit wanting something fresh. And since there’s nothing like it at work, a little home project would be nice.

This year marks 3 years with the same group doing the same job, something I’ve never done before. My last longest job was just under 2 years and I was begging for more of a challenge. Boredom makes me not focus an unfortunate side-effect. While I have some professional jumping-off points, everything here is a ‘hurry up and wait’ sort of thing, so I’m working hard hoping that in three or five years something will come of it. The whole 'economy' thing just screws everything up. Not a ton of fun. Especially when you’re dreaming of horse-trailers, showing and home building. 

Sigh. Life is bland.

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