Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Brakes, not broke...

I'm waiting again to hear back on a horse trailer, hoping the owner can dig up the title. And doesn't sell it before I can get down there, hopefully this weekend. The only odd thing is that she says there are no brakes on the trailer, which makes me raise an eyebrow. Often the brakes don't function, but they have brakes. Who hauls a horse without brakes?! Time for some more pictures...

I've actually been trying to find one with the full-front escape door, largely because of the safety factor. Encompassing the size of a small 2-horse straight load, with the functionality of a larger trailer. We'll see how this one pans out. 

Tonight I'm off to the barn to let W know that I'm going to post-pone my lessons for a bit. I'm still waiting on reimbursement for the classes I took over the fall, plus have more courses to pay for this year. Add that to an impending horse trailer and early-bird show fees, (and Christmas bills), I'm not willing to risk dipping into the savings to cover lessons. 

Plus, I feel like Moon and I need to spend some time working together on our own feel, before continuing on. I know what I want from him, but he seems to just need more time to work it out. And I sometimes feel like I know what might work but don't have the opportunity to give it a go. A couple of weeks just practicing should get us ready to be back in the schooling game with W. And still leave us lots of time before the shows. We should be back in the lesson game by February 1st. 

Maybe I can snag her as well to ask about poles...

I scored the '101 Jumping Exercises' book from the library and plan on working through it. I really like the number of 'trotting' jumps it has, since Moon and I are still not really cantering. I DID confirm that he was on the correct lead on our couple of 1/2 circles, and now to try out some techniques I've been reading about to improve my position when asking him to canter. And catch it FINALLY on video so I can assess what I'm doing wrong. Like those lopsided legs (and yes, my BRAND NEW stirrups are on the same hole...I just have uneven legs apparently). 

I'm hoping he's feeling back up to snuff after his day off yesterday (I was honestly so tired and sore that I could only imagine how the bucking-galloping McGee was feeling). 

I also appreciated the feedback on Moon's scoop-hooves. It's wonderful to know that this is proper (looks so weird!) and that it's to his advantage. And in part why we're not chipping off all the time!

Lastly, I received a little note from Curly-Horse's owner asking if I wanted to trail ride with her. Which is pretty awesome. There's some other's at the barn that have done some trails, but not as Steady-Eddy as Moon and Curly-Horse. This could be a very neat little pairing, and it's nice to chat with new people.  Plus, Moon could stand to learn to be at the rear of the trail rides : P

But for tonight, I'm feeling like being alone with my boy, to practice our poles and our canter. I have a blazing headache and just want a quiet arena, horse-free and peaceful. Here's hoping.

P.S. Cross your fingers on the trailer folks. I hate waiting. 

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