Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sucks to be a pony, today.

It's snowing. And windy. And miserable. And to think, that the ponies have lost most of their downy winter coats already, and as excited as I was for that to happen, I can't help but feel kinda bad for them, when last night, after a day of pouring rain, they were hit with a nice May blizzard. Sucks to be a pony, today.

On a good note, only 3 more days until I get to check out our potential new coach! : ) Maybe today should be spent sewing some new gear?...or lounging on the couch, being happy I'm not stuck outside like the ponies!

Lastly, Moon's birthday is coming up. Which means I need to celebrate! Sadly, his gift will be lessons, and I'm pretty sure he's not going to be happy about that!

Keep warm my friends!

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