Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Impatiently Waiting.

I thought I had found myself a set of shipping boots at a good price, but unfortunately they turned out to be a set of shipping boots at an expensive price ($15 more then you could buy them new in-store). So it looks like tomorrow we will be shipping in only our bell boots, and hoping to be accident free.

To me, tomorrow, our first lesson, is kinda like a mini show. Our first mini show.

And I'm so unprepared. I really wish a lot, that we had a nice indoor or at least semi-covered place to work, at the very least groom and clean tack out at the barn. unfortunately, that's not the case, and it means I can't get out when the weather is bad. Unfortunately, I can't afford the $400/month that is required to board with a nice indoor. And I'm apprehensive to board somewhere with inexpensive tie-stalls, as I want Moon to be outdoors more often then not, especially since I'm not out riding as often as I'd like.

Tonight will be a LONG spanish class (3 hours in one night is always exhausting), and then I need to dig out my breeches and boots before heading off to bed. Maybe dig up my videocamera while I'm at it...

On a good note, H is headed out to purchase our vaccines tonight. I picked up an additional 13 for T and her ponies, which means we shall have a poking day very soon. Moon'er is getting the West Nile needle separate from the Flu shots, as H (a past animal tech, and now in viruses), says it gives a much better WNV titre. Of course, it comes at a great expense, but whatever is best for the Moon'er, he shall get.

I also need to book a day to get his teeth floated, as the last time I peaked in his mouth, I'm pretty sure I was seeing some hooks. I don't even know if he has wolf teeth or not, though I think he doesn't...

My hope, is when the vet is out, to have him vetted and given a once over at the same time. I really hope that doesn't prove to be too expensive, nor do I want to discover he has something terribly wrong with him. I suppose that's a risk I have to take.

Really, I think these are the ramblings of an anxious, eager and nervous owner! All I want is tomorrow!! And I'm struggling to pay attention and focus while I wait!! I think Wednesday's will be the best day of the week from now on!

Come on WEDNESDAY!!!

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  1. I got the $60 Shedrow full-coverage shipping boots in solid black. Yes, they are boring, but one of my crafty co-workers suggested I track down a Bedazzler in a 2nd hand store and jazz them up myself.

    Quality wise, they have been awesome. They have a soft, brushed cotton liner on the inside and lots of padding. The oversized velcro straps make it easy to get them on a dancy horse. The bottom inch-and-a-half is reinforced with leather, so even if they slide down in the trailer, they won't get damaged from the horse stepping on them. I cleaned mine for the first time this weekend, and all the mud and manure came right off with warm soapy water.

    I would highly recommend them - it's a good product for a very reasonable price.