Friday, May 13, 2011

One More...from the Past.

The next "Oldie" post comes from last Summer, after I had started to really get into riding Moon. Already, he was a very special horse to me.

Wish I was off riding Moonsox today…if it wasn’t raining of course. I feel embarrassed when I talk about him to people, but he really is special to me. I’m so looking forward to riding him next week and want to try and get in two rides/week. He’s already improved so much, it’s amazing. I really do think that he’s special, and it’s just a case of him being an easy horse to ride. I guess, I actually know that because I’ve ridden ‘easy’ and ‘push button’ and ‘slow’ horses lately, and they don’t do anything for me. Don’t get me wrong, I liked Phil, but he’s no Moonsox. Was completely different. Moon meets me with such energy when we’re riding, yet he’s always listening. I’m stuck in a spot now, where I desperately want to buy a trailer so that him and I can trailer out to Birds Hill or to ride with friends. But that won’t happen anytime soon because that money needs to go towards the property and my future home. I was also thinking that back in the day, one friend had a little red trailer…I wonder if maybe I could use that? We’d still be over by 1000 lbs, but it’s just a drive to BHP…Who knows? All that I do know, is that Moon is an awesome ride for me, and that I’m going to enjoy this as much as humanly possible. And that IF Moon ever goes up for sale, I’m buying him! Until that time, we’re going to ride. Trail ride, and practice competitive stuff, and maybe some year, I will be able to get a trailer and we can haul out to little shows. Who knows? I’ll even make some little jumps and cross country courses for us to go over. And video tape us and take lots of pictures. : ) I still have some money on my greenhawk card from my birthday, and hope to use a bit of that to outfit the Australian saddle Hil gave me, and maybe get some extra little ‘nice’ things for Moon. For starters, I need some neat’s foot oil…

I also need to pop by H’s place and raid her garage : P I realized that my old riding helmet was probably still there (probably from when Laura and I rode), and it would be good to have on hand again, if someone wants to trail ride with me at T’s. I’m sure I have other stuff there too, maybe my foot oil, and maybe a halter. I know I still have a halter over at S's place, and it was a really nice one too. : (

I really hope this aussie saddle fits Moon or even Reno at worst. The BF actually said yesterday maybe it could be HIS saddle! Wowie! Considering I have to make a stall plaque for H in exchange for it (she even threw in a really nice wool pad for it), I think it’ll be totally worth it. I might even still have a nice piece of wood at home. Or could maybe get one cheap at Michaels or ask Dad. I’ve got 3 weeks to make it…

Next Monday I have off all alone, and I think I’m going to maybe see if I can ride Moonsox all day!!! And I wanna grab some of the logs and set up some jumps or something on the trails for me to go over with him. I was also thinking maybe I’d cut one of our 4x4 posts, and make myself a jump standard…I can use some of my greenhawk money on a set of jump cups and use one of our nice trees to act as my poles…Just a thought. Gotta see what T has built at her place now. It’s not like we need anything fancy…

Is it wrong to be thinking about anything but here? That’s the way I am right now, and it’s really hard to stay focussed. I’d rather be riding. : P So that’s what I’ll daydream about. Being on Moon and all the fun and cool things we can do together. I gotta make sure I keep it interesting for both of us. Lots of dressage and jumping and trail riding. I’m not even joking that next Monday I wanna go on a ride for most of the day. Literally get out there by 10:00, be riding, get everywhere.

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