Thursday, May 5, 2011

Why are Shipping Boots so dang expensive?!

So I'm looking for a pair of shipping boots for Mr. Moon.

But, with impending lessons (hopefully next week, but waiting to hear back from T and M), some rather large commitments for our future home, and the general lack of OT at work, it seems that the wallet is a little bare. My hope, was to find a used pair, going for maybe $40, and bite the bullet. Not a big deal, and it's true, for the 10 or so km's I'm trailering him, there shouldn't be much issue.

Unfortunately, all the shipping boots I like (completely unwilling to just buy something to have something, when I know I'll hate them and want to sell them right away), are close to $100. That's CRAZY!

Right now, I'm madly in love with the Pessoa's (yes, you're paying through the nose for a brand and a fancy 'P'), Amigo's and Weavers. The Shedrow Plaids are not unreasonable, and Dover also has a decent pair of plaids on sale for $65 plus shipping right now.

Shedrow Full Coverage - $59 (can purchase locally)
Shedrow Plaid - $89 (can purchase locally)
Amigo - $58 USD --> $84 after shipping OR $86 to buy them from Apple Saddlery, here at shipping.
Pessoa - $81 (Plus shipping and duty)
Weaver - $67 (plus shipping and duty from HorseLoverz)
Weatherbeeta - $55
Weatherbeeta Deluxe - $70
Roma Deluxe - $63 OR $99 to buy from Apple Saddlery, here at home.
Dover Pro Plaid - $65 (ridiculous shipping, so let's take this off the list!)

On a good note, I JUST sold my halter-bridle, which is AWESOME! I know, a lot of you are wonder "A Halter-Bridle?". It was a leather halter, with clips that allowed you to attach reins and a bit. Great concept, but the one I had just didn't suit me (black tack...). So I sold it, never having used it, and have $30 in my pocket to put towards my shipping boots. And some girl will now get a new halter-bridle (which her mom is bedazzling!) for her birthday. Win-win for sure!

Soooo...I'm in to process of finding out the shipping rates on the Dover Plaid ones...and got a response back that shipping will be (at the cheapest) $175 plus duty and the cost of merchandise.

INSANE! my search continues, I discovered this ADORABLE product...oh if only I wouldn't be teased!

Oooo....Wilton Tack will sell the Amigo's for $65, plus taxes, and no shipping costs if I spend $100...OR, $14 to ship.
Or Weaver's for $70.

Oh . How come shopping for horse tack can't be easier then this? It's not just about finding the best deal, but also a sturdy product that will last you a long time, AND that comes in a color you like that matches everything else you already own!! I'm thinking I should drive by Greenhawk tonight, and see if there's anything that'll match my new Amigo cooler...which will hopefully arrive next week (HATE waiting for shipping. Requires so much patience!).

And maybe next week I can swing out to Oakbank and see what Horse and Co. is carrying. Hmmm...should call Canvasback while I'm at it too. There MUST be a good deal on some Amigos/Weatherbeeta's going on somewhere!

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