Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pay it Forward!

Went out Saturday morning to drop off the jump standards and poles we had rigged up last week. They looked really great, and I was happy to get them in the field for when it dries up and I can start jumping Moon again.

While we were there, M was out working so we offered him a hand. Turns out he was fencing off the 'tack shed', so that you could ready your horse or trailer-up without having a hundred horses harrassing you. Which is perfect, since I'm so eager to start lessons, but knew that with no riding partner, I couldn't get the trailer out of the farm without all the horses following me out of the gate.

We helped M all day, and managed to sink all of the support posts, and came back after lunch to help finish putting up the rails. Now it looks excellent, complete with a horse and a human gate. M and T said they'll be pulling the trailer out next week and with the new gravel drive, we can start working on making sure everyone loads properly. I'm think I'd like to start lessons in a couple of weeks, so I need to call Wendy sometime this week and see if I can set-up a meeting. Want to watch a couple of lessons and discuss my plans/goals with her.

Since I didn't get to ride at all last week (unfortunately, I was bogged down with work and Spanish lessons, else it was raining), I took the time to groom Moon and just love him up. After peeling all the mud off of him, I saw him staring over the gate at me. I wandered over, gave him a treat, and then he walked right to the biggest mud hole, and rolled. Got up, looked at me, went to the next biggest mudhole, and rolled on the other side! I swear he does it just to drive me nuts!

So, if I manage to get out this week, and if T has the trailer out, this week will be lessons in going for lessons!

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