Sunday, May 8, 2011


So the Amigo cooler I was so anxiously awaiting arrived on Friday. I was thrilled when I pulled it out of the box, only to discover a couple of holes in the shoulder. MAJOR dissapointment, as the girl who sold it to me swore she only used it twice and it was in excellent condition. Oh, and it's a 75" and Moon'er wears a 78" (which I found out after a couple of failed attempts). So frustrating, and now I have to see if either she'll compensate on her own, or I put in a claim with paypal. Such hassel.

Tomorrow I'm planning on going out to work with Moon in preparation for Wednesday's first lesson. T is coming with me, and I'm excited about the support. I'm hoping to trim a bridle path on him tomorrow (don't have ANY idea how well he clips...maybe I'll bring some scissors 'just in case'). He REALLY needs one, though I'm nervous as almost 6 years ago to the date, I was holding a horse being roached (shaving off the entire mane), when it reared, struck me multiple times in the head (shod OTTB no surprise), and led to a very unpleasent hospital stay and a titanium plate. Reason #89 why ground work makes me nervous!

I spent Friday night oiling his new bridle (unfortunately it's cognac, where his saddle is black), as his old schooling bridle has unfortunately suffered some damage. Can it's probably not right to take english lessons with a set of rainbow roping reins : P So I plan on switching him over to this new one, adjusting and hopefully breaking it in.

Monday will also include a saddle fit, choosing a pad and girth, washing his bellboots for the trip, and packing up what we'll need. We're so mismatched, with our lovely brown stirrup leathers as well...I dream of someday owning a beautiful cognac leather saddle...oh someday!

I did manage to pop by Greenhawk, which irritates me. They STILL had no lunge whips in stock, they overcharged me on blanket straps (no mood to argue), and the price of shipping boots jumped $10 from last month! And half the tags in the store were wrong. Such a waste of driving out there, though I got some leather oil and my own weight tape for Moon. Best part was when the girl showed me a set of shipping boots that has measured sizes, and I said "Oh, they're not just 'horse, pony, cob, or Small, Medium, Large?" and she told me that horses have different lengths of legs, which is why you have to measure them. : P

Of course, tomorrow's supposed to be raining again, and Tuesday is spanish class all night, so I might get any chance to work Moon'er at all. Sure hope the rain holds off, as I have some prep to do!

Better schedule a hoof trimming for pretty soon, while we're at it.

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