Friday, May 6, 2011

All Systems Go.

Well, everything is lined up for next week's first riding lesson. T has been an absolute dream, not only offering to the truck and trailer that is the sole reason this gets to happen, but also offering to go to my first lesson with me! I know, it sounds ridiculous, but there's something nice about having a friend who's perfectly willing to lend a hand and help ease your nerves.

I'm very seriously considering welcoming her whole-heartedly, with only my self-consciousness holding me back. But for some reason, a lot less so. Maybe because I'm not really worried about either one of them judging me if things go horribly wrong, and maybe a little bit because it's a good place to start when it comes to moving towards showing. You can't show if you're too scared to let anyone watch you!

I was reading the "Diary of an OverAnxious Horse Owner", and she mentioned in her timeline how much better showing was when she had a 'show mom'. T is one of my closest riding friends, and the sole reason I have my Moon'er. I can't think of a better person to stabilize my nerves then her. And she knows Mr. Moon to boot.

Suppose that's decided! I'll ask T to join me next Wednesday, as my 'show sister'. Maybe if someday I make it to real shows, she'll be willing to continue to be my little calming voice of reason. She has great faith in me and Moon, and that's worth its weight in gold.

AURGH! We're starting LESSONS next week. Me and my Moon! First time ever that I'll be riding my own horse, with me choosing the direction, the intent, and the practice. The changes or lessons learned, will be as a direct result of me, not of the 8 other riders on him that day. For me, after so many years of group lessons on lesson ponies, this is the big leagues. Actually starting lessons and not just hacking out pitifully jumping 1' poles in the yard. By next summer, I want to be taking him to his first show, and hear "RR Moons Sox, owned and ridden by Sandra". Finally put those lovely tall Ariats to use!

Maybe I should have T film our first lesson? No better way to observe improvement, then by having a baseline...

On a less exciting topic, I haven't found any shipping boots yet. And thanks to a traffic accident, didn't have time to swing by Greenhawk to check theirs out. Trying to control my spending spree and not buy the Amigo's online...oh the temptation!

Though, my new Jersey Fleece Cooler has arrived! I go this evening to pick it up, and am beyond excited. I hope it looks swell on Moon...I read it's a trailering sheet too, which is perfect for next week. And now that I'll have it, I should be able to match his shipping boots to it...

It's supposed to be "Grey and Lemon"...hmm...

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