Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Moon'er!!

Happy Birthday MoonSox!!

Sadly, with this awful cold, I didn't make it out to visit my boy. The weather is damp and rain is impending, and I thought it better to spend the rest of the day trying to get better, so that I'm healthy for Wednesday's lesson. Hopefully Mr. Moon doesn't have a calendar in the paddock, and won't know that today not Wednesday was his birthday...

The Amigo Cooler was supposed to be his birthday present, and it seems suited that it arrived damaged on Friday. The girl believes it was mice that were culprits, and is offering me a partial refund. It's unfortunate, as it's a really pretty cooler in its own right. Poor Mr. Moon will have a hole-y cooler for his birthday, which I missed, and it was our first one together. : ( I'm more then a little bummed about that.

I did however, patch up the hole-y cooler, complete with Heart-Shaped patches. I got them all sewed on today, and in the end, it's kinda cute. Obvious that I'm doing repair to it, but still a lot better looking then some cheese-y patches. I even managed to find a durable material with soft fleece backing in nearly the right color in my scraps bin. : ) One plus for the day. So now it's ready for him to wear, whenever I get out to see him.

What I don't know, is what blanket is most appropriate for trailering. I've three now, which I admit to being pretty proud of. Since he's my first horse and all. And he looks so good in them (well, I'm assuming he'll look good in the amigo).

So unfortunately I didn't get to prep him up for Wednesday, so we'll be a bit more rushed. On a good note, T will be there, and I'll be dropping off the horse vaccines that H (a close friend who introduced me to 'B' an amazing OTTB a number of years ago) ordered for us. Which means everyone will be getting their yearly shots. I ordered I *think* the 5-way for Mr. Moon, just cause I spoil him.

My new bridle is oiled, my older bridle feels like it's getting more supple, and my old, old bridle...well...we won't use it.

I've also got a pedicure scheduled for Moon'er on Saturday morning, so the rest of the week should be highly focussed around him. I wanna get out to see him Thursday too...and work with him on Wednesday's lesson!

Well Mr. Moon, Happy 12th Birthday. 12. Some people think 12 is old for a horse, but as my new coach said, they're just calming down at 12. I look around at the people who have horses that they are enjoying training and showing with, not in a seriously competitive way, but in a "do your best and learn a little while enjoying your horse-friend", and I realise, maybe 12 year old horses make us a little less focused on the ribbons and glory, and a little more on maturity and doing our best?

Next year will be the start of his teenage years, and I know that we'll have some awesome adventures. I know lots of people in serious training with their 13, 15 and 18 year old horses, which means Moon and I have plenty of years ahead. Once we get him back in shape and into regular schooling, I'm sure most will be unsure of his actual age. Funny, G's horses are well into their teens if not 20's and could still ride all day. : ) Yes, Mr. Moon, you're just getting to the good years. The years we'll spend together.

I don't know what you first 10 years were like, but I hope the last one has been amazing. In your 11th year, we:

- Met for the First Time
- Trail Rode 9 miles
- Jumped our First Jump Together
- Learned to Lunge on a Lunge Line
- Rode Bareback through the Pasture
- Rode Aussie-Style
- Galloped so Fast that I had Tears in my Eyes
- Watched as I tried to Deworm my First Horse
- Got to Enjoy our First Hand-Picked Farrier
- Fitted, and Re-Fitted our First Blankets
- Got Our OWN Stall Plaque
- Became Riding Partners for Life (and had the Best Christmas EVER)
- Rode Right thru Town (Garson AND Tyndall) Together

Wonder what the next year, your 12th year on this planet, will bring us?! Well, we know it'll include our first trailer ride, our first riding lesson and our first set of shots! Happy Birthday Bud!

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