Monday, November 28, 2011

Why Being Sick Sucks

Being sick sucks. Especially when you'd rather be teaching your pony to canter. When you're hoping to get some good rides in before you head away for Christmas vacation and the poor guy goes unspoiled for a week and a half. When you REALLY wanna just see him, snuggle into his furry shoulder and wrap your arms around his neck. 'Cause you're sick.

But you can't. He's standing out there in the paddock, probably muddy and snuggled into his warm blanket as the temperatures drop and the ground freezes hard again. He's hanging out with the new horse, and wondering why you haven't even been out to brush him. He really wants a brushing and the carrot that comes with it. And his riding physio. He could really go for some of that. The cold temps make him stiff and despite his dislike for 'work', your riding helps him feel better when he moves.

Instead of riding him, grooming him and reminding him how wonderful he is, you're at home. On the coach. Under a blanket. Hot chocolate in hand. It sounds beautiful, like winter romantic movie. The Christmas tree is even sparking and the house is warm. But it's too warm. You have a fever. You can't stop sniffling, you're surrounded by kleenex and whenever the furnace comes on, you start coughing from the extra dryness. You don't want to get up. Going outside makes your throat hurt even worse, as does going to sleep.

You're miserable. Stuck home miserable, and more miserable because being home miserable means you can't see your pony. How miserable.

At least you have your fluffy puppy. Okay, 60 pound dog. But she's a Husky, so it's essentially a furry heating blanket...or a small polar bear. Hard to tell which. You feel a little better with her around, but she too wants you outside. Playing in the snow. Throwing her snowballs.

You're not. You're on the couch watching reruns of "The Saddle Club". It's for 10 year olds, but hey, you're sick. This is the time you can watch it without the BF wondering what he got himself into. Only watching Stevie, Lisa and Carole, makes you wanna be at the barn somemore. Maybe you should start your own saddle club...nope, that's the cold medicine talking now...

Ugh. Being sick SUCKS. I wanna be riding ponies. MY pony. Not sniffling, sneezing, coughing and generally feeling miserable.

Bahhumbug. If you're healthy, find the Lysol. I envy you right now. I should've armed myself too. Oh loss of pony time... : ( Anyone wanna go tell Moon it's not personal??! Poor bugger.

...wait. Poor me. He's still running around having fun.

Sick sucks. End of story.


  1. Sorry that you're sick. But at least it's a valid excuse to watch Saddle Club! I haven't seen it yet, but I would totally watch it and I'm WAY past the appropriate age. If I get a cold, I'm hitting the Nyquil and having a Saddle Club marathon.

  2. I hope your feeling beter soon. I'm glad my horses are kept at our house so I can go out and see them no matter what.

  3. I'll join your Saddle Club, Sand!

  4. I feel your pain, I was sick over the weekend and it's definitely not fun. Feel better!