Friday, November 4, 2011

She goes on and on and on...

I was out yesterday to put to practice what Moon and I learned on our Wednesday lesson, which went surprisingly well. For starters, it took only two tries for him to stand nicely at the mounting block while I got on. Granted, the second time he started to walk off before I even tried to get on, but he did a really nice rein back without me even in the saddle. And then figured out he wasn't going to win this one.

It was followed by the boring (to listen to, not to ride) practice routine which I won't drone on about. I WILL say that our sitting trot is improving in leaps and bounds...or bumps and bounces ; ) And so is his 10 m circles!

I was riding in the arena with a new face, who I learned had just resumed lessons after a 35 year break. Her son is dating one of W's boarders and his girlfriend convinced this individual to pursue her longtime dream of trying english riding. Lo and behold, she is. We stopped and chatted a bit and it was great to meet another avid rider.

In other news, I got two more requests for stall plaques. I tried to be reasonable and priced them at $35 and am a little surprised by how popular they actually are. I've been thinking about it, and have decided that I'm going to use the earnings to fund our show career for next summer. Granted, I probably need to make some 20 or 30 plaques to be realistic, but still. I should be able to make showing a little more economic with a little extra hard work. Plus, the girls (and boys) REALLY love them. Which makes it even more worth it!

The last thing...Do you find yourself WAY more talkative when it comes to horses? During my lesson on Wednesday, I realized that introverted me becomes a total gabber-mouth when it comes to horses and riding. I mean, somedays I'm amazed that W doesn't tell me to be quiet. I ride around just prattling on and on. I yap away in the barn. I talk to my horse when I'm alone! And I talk to EVERYONE. Gone is the reserved me. The quiet me. When it's horses or riding or at the barn, there's just no stopping me!

I actually ANNOYED MYSELF on Wednesday I was yapping so much! A few times I mentally heard myself saying "Be quiet already!" and forced myself to stop talking! It's ridiculous. Then again, when one looks at my blog, it's pretty obvious when it comes to horses, I can go on and on and on... ; )


  1. I am pretty introverted, too, but I can talk about my horse and my dogs for days on end! I also talk to my horse and dogs. . .

    Good to know I am not the only one! :)

  2. I am the exact same way. I swear I think my non-horse people family probably wants to kill me half the time when I start talking about Orion. I just can't seem to shut up! :)