Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bought it!

Moon's new blanket liner that is! I swear Scheider's saddlery is my go-to blanket store now! I love my first one so much, and with so many people saying to get a liner from them too, I did it.

Price was great and I caved and bought a little extra to get the $10 off (works out to be free shipping). Didn't work out to be anything exciting. A bag of treats since his current bag is running low (and treats are expensive here for some reason) and they WERE his favorite brand, a repair kit for his turnout blanket to keep on-hand in case something DOES eventually happen to it, and finally 2 dewormers. Dewormers here are $12 to $22 a tube, and at sstack I bought them for $2.75 each. CRAZY!

Now I'm beyond excited. The weather today is much warmer and all of our snow is melting. Which is sad because the paddocks will be mud again and I HATE cleaning muddy hooves. Ick. But it WILL cool down and I SHOULD be picking up the new liner on December 12th, before the temps drop too much.

I'll probably get a sense tonight of what he thinks of the new living situation and how many arguments he's getting in with "Curly Horse".

So tonight it's a visit with the Mr. and my weekly lesson. I'll likely take a lesson hiatus over Christmas since I'll be gone a lot, and may have to cut out my January one to cover the Christmas presents and such. Not too worried as we'll be practicing ourselves during that time and keeping up our regular fitness routine. Just in time for the show season to start!

Expect an update on our lesson tonight! I'd like to say I expect great things, but I know he's gonna be stiff and sassy. The typical Mr, and I'm missing him enough right now that I'm looking forward to it!

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