Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Durasole-y need to study...

My lesson tonight is cancelled and I've spent about 6 or so hours today studying. Ick. I'm feeling more confident but not at all assured that I'll get a passing grade. Thankfully, I got 100% on my last assignment (email came from prof this morning), so I'm hoping that even 50% will suffice for a final passing grade. No one said I had to do great : P

Anyway, I got rather distracted looking at some old hoof pics of Moon (all pics posted are from last January, prior to his first trim). I had forgotten how bad his hooves were when I bought him. Our current struggle with hoof pain has me in search of solutions. I kept remembering someone's post about a hoof hardener...

So today I went searching for it, and there in Miles on Mile's blog I found it: Durasole.
I searched the internet for reviews and stories of "it killed my horse". And didn't find any such comments. It seems that people genuinely love the product and swear by it. If there were only a few reviews, I'd be skeptical, but I've since dug up a few hundred or more positive responses. And no negative ones.

The other product I was looking it (Keratex) seemed to be considered a lesser product to the Durasole. Since it seems to be well liked by Mile's mom, I think I'm gonna order it and give it a try.

It makes sense in how it works, but I'm a little concerned about bringing it across the border. It does appear that some people have in the past...looks like I'll be calling Health Canada again for their opinion : P I'm sure they love me. Better that then winding up in prison, right?

The product is a little overwhelming, which is why I chose not to try it when we previously had some tender-foot issues. Here's why:

1) The hoof needs to be completely dry. COMPLETELY. And clean. And scrubbed with a wire brush.
2) Initially you can either apply it 4 times in a row with a hairdryer between applications, for a week or you can apply it twice/day for a week and so on. A LOT of applications.
3) It contains formaldehyde. That stuff that your biology rodent was soaked in. Poison. Dangerous. Causes severe skin blistering. Do not apply to horse or human!

Previously, this wasn't at all something I could do. Between muddy pastures, twice/week visits and no clean spot to apply it, it wasn't about to happen.
But now...
I can get his hooves clean and dry thanks to the concrete barn. In the morning they'll be dry from a night in the stall, and at night I can ride him in the sand ring till they dry then treat. And I might as well do the crazy blowdryer treatment while I'm at it...the barn has electricity and it's about time Moon got used to a blowdryer...wait, what??!

Maybe the boss will even let me come in a little late for a week...better start sucking up now!
I think I'm gonna do it. The reviews are so positive I can't help myself. If it works, one more person who loves it. If it doesn't, well it's only time and money. And we all know horse-people are happy to spend time and money! : P


  1. Good luck on your test!! I'm sure you'll pass with flying colors. :) I also can't wait to hear about the Durasole. I've heard about it but don't know anyone personally who has used it.

  2. Hooray! I hope it helps:) I chuckled when I read about the instructions-initially, I followed them to the letter. Now? I apply it once a week, and if his feet are reasonably clean (ie no visible mud or dirt after a good scraping/brushing) on it goes. I like how it seems to immediately absorb, and it's a small bottle but it really does go a long way, and it's much cheaper than Kopertox. It doesn't help every horse, but for Miles, who is a bit of a tenderfoot on hard/rocky ground, I found it makes a big difference. It also keeps thrush at bay, which you've got to love. I'll post pics of Miles feet soon-my farrier even noticed a difference after the first month. Good luck! :)

  3. Good Luck!! I'm sure you'll love the Durasole.

  4. I used this stuff on my horse and it worked really well she used to limp a little on her front feet nothing bad but i could tell they where tinder i used this and she has amazing feet and never limps!!! i hope it helps :)