Monday, November 14, 2011

Toughening Up.

Off to the barn this morning, stall plaques in hand. Moon was looking cute in his winter blanket and freshly fallen snow was covering the mud...for now. Mr. Moon had covered every inch of himself that his blanket doesn't, with the thick, sticky Manitoba-gumbo. A lovely mix of mud and clay. Mmmm.

I hung the new stall plaques on their respective horse's doors and then brought Moon in to work. W arrived in time to oogle her new plaque and prompty had her dad pull out the drill to hang them. Guess which other pony's stall plaque is finally hanging in front of his stall? Moon'er's!

We headed in to the ring together, and Moon was in his sneakers again. I had found my batteries and charger, but like the forgetful person I am, I forgot to snap a picture of them! Let me say, that W's mare was OBSESSED with Moon. We're calling him the next George Clooney...older, but still a ladies man. Then again, maybe it was the ruby slippers...

Moon was sore, even in sneakers. They're still rubbing his heels and sound funny when he trots. Almost too loud like a horse running on pavement : P

W watched us for a bit and agreed he seemed a little off. I just can't bear riding him when he's sore, even a little bit. So I hopped off.

I pulled out my cavesson and lunge line and hauled him back in to the ring. We haven't lunged in months and I wasn't sure he even remembered how. Well, he drifted in a few times, but after some reminders he was trotting around on the lunge like a good boy. Could stand to keep the line a bit tighter, but I WAS happy that his head was lower then it had been earlier this summer before we started with W. Seems he IS learning to use his neck properly!
But even at a trot I could tell he was sore; worse when on more compacted pieces of sand. W had lent me some coppertox to start treating his hooves, as it can help toughen them up. I'm gonna give it a try on his fronts and see how it goes. Can't hurt, right?

On a good note, I'm curious to see how he goes at a canter on the lunge line...maybe once he's feeling better we'll start on that. Plus a couple of poles/jumps without me. 

Gees, I hope he toughens those hooves up soon!


  1. I just ordered some hoof toughening stuff last night to try on Orion. While he hasn't shown any soreness yet, his feet are in pretty sorry shape, though doing better since the farrier was out to trim them up. His frogs are the main issue right now I think, and the stuff I bought is supposed to help with them too.

    I hope Moon starts feeling better soon!

  2. The stall plaques look awesome :)
    I hope Moon's hooves harden up fast.