Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Study On.


I remember now why I didn't ride during the school year. I have a HUGE final exam on Thursday for my epidemiology course at a master's level. Yip, scary stuff. And of course, I should be studying my brains out. But me? I'm browsing the newest sales at the tack stores, investigating horse supplements and prepping feed calculations. ANYTHING but putting my nose to the grindstone and actually FOCUSSING on what I need to know to pass my course.

And it's no different today then it was in my undergraduate years. Thankfully back then I didn't own a horse and could only waste time dreaming about it. Not actually heading to the barn and putting in a couple hours of riding instead.

So I unfortunately think I need to will myself to cancel my lesson tomorrow. Which sucks because with guests out this weekend, Mr. Moon is likely to go unridden until Monday!!! Aurgh. He hasn't had so long off since my last travel stint. The only benefit is that it may give his little feet a rest period and hopefully when I get back on, he's feeling better.

SOMEONE take away my pony-obession for the next two days, PLEASE. I hate studying when I could be riding : P


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