Thursday, November 17, 2011

Totally Unrelated...yet amusing.

Thought I'd share my amusing story of this morning's adventures on my way to my final exam. It has nothing to do with horses, but hopefully still good reading. I hope everyone else had a wonderful morning, and a great Thursday.

P.S. Thankyou all for the well wishes; I think I've at least managed to pass ; )

Sometimes I think I live in a poorly written sitcom.

Take this morning. Final exam morning.

I'm up, showered and studying by 6 am. 6:30 rolls around, I command start my car.
...I command start my car.
...I manually start my car.
...I start...
...My car won't start.

No biggie. I'm a modern day woman. Grab the battery charger/starter, hook'er up and...
...the extension cord is too short.
Find another extension cord. Plug'er in.

I start my car...
...I start...
Nothing starts.

This is okay. This is a'okay.

Unplug charger and put in house. Grab pile of extension cords and dash to garage to toss them in...
...wipe out on snowcovered concrete driveway.

Wait for breath to return. Leap up. Toss cords in garage and bolt back to house.

Realise it's freezing cold out when you're running around outside in a sweater and the snow on your back is starting to melt.

Turn on computer. Start up Navigo, the city's Transit Route planner.
Enter destination. Wait....
Java systems suck.

Write down first route it describes.

Grab coat, study materials, yell at dog to get BACK in her room.
Lock door and bolt out of house.
Run block and a half to bus.

Realise you didn't grab bus fare...
...dump all pocket change into bus. Hope like hell it's enough.
Get transfer. You're out of pocket change.

Try to study.
Realise that bus is passing stops. "There's a ghost in the system" the driver claims.
Watch own bus stop pass by.

Walk back three blocks.
Discover that Navigo has given you the slowest route possible.

Stand in frigid temps with no mittens or hat for 25 minutes. And your hair is still wet from the shower...or frozen.
Curse yourself for not grabbing mittens.

Next bus arrives. Board.

35 minutes later, arrive 4 blocks from work. Loose feeling in fingers and toes during the journey.

Arrive at work 20 minutes before exam is supposed to start.

Discover that you have no work pass. Stand in front of door waiting for security to notice you.
Sign in, get to desk, bash head on desk, cry a little, laugh a little more.

Grab calculator, peruse study materials once more, accept that life's out to screw you.

Head off to exam.

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