Monday, November 21, 2011

Biting Cold.

The weather is supposed to warm up this week, which will be nice after our -17 and below days lately (1 degree F for my American friends). When I got to the barn tonight much in need of some pony time, I wasn't surprised to see Mr. Moon out in the front paddock with two other horses. The new Bashkir Curly horse and surprisingly, his girlfriend Ebony.

I'm happy to see that Ebony has moved with him as they're very happy companions. I brought him inside and it was nice to see that he was warm and dry under his blanket. I've found the Schneider's one I'm thinking of buying and now just have to place my order and get down there. I've gotten so many positive reviews on my comments page, as well as my own pleasure with my Schneider's turnout blanket, that I think it'll be a good choice.

My main concern with a liner has been with it getting too bulky under his turnout, since the 75" seemed a bit small when I bought it. But having a second look today, it's either broken-in and relaxed a bit, or else he's lost more weight then I thought. So I think we'll be okay to squeeze the 180 gram blanket underneath.

I warmed him up in my little 1/4 sheet and then pulled out a dressage test. I chose Walk-Trot Test A from Equine Canada and gave it a go. The first two times I had to carry the test in my mouth so I could cheat...didn't help that the pylons with the letters were knocked over and I'm not really familiar with where they SHOULD be : P

Regardless, by the fourth round I had it memorized, but Moon was still rushing, not very soft and despite it not even being a real 'test', I was beyond nervous. Go figure! Actual shows next year will be a disaster.

So I calmed myself down with some breathing and centering exercises and then tried again. The first time through I realized I had previously been trying to hold Moon in the positions I wanted. Which just doesn't work with him. So I tried to ask and release more, and was surprise by the improvement in his movement and bend by the end of the test.

The next two times around he did MUCH better and I could actually picture us doing okay in a real test. Not blue ribbon or anything, but better for sure!

I was happy I had brought my video camera along...until I realized the lens had fogged at some point and now most of the video caught is likely blurry or 'ghosted'. Oh well. I'll squint and see if anything can be learned.

As for his neck cover, I need to add one clip to the middle of it in order for it to work with his blanket. I cleaned some of his stuff from his stall (jolly ball, extra halter, etc.) but didn't have the heart to take his sign down. : ( I'll probably be out tomorrow and I'll do it then.

Last night I made him a little jingle bell cover for his halter. I'd seen a similar thing on Jeffer's Equine and thought "that'd be cute!". I only made one for the crown piece, but I added 4 little blue jingle bells so he makes a pretty sound when he's wearing it. Plus, it's all done in a snowman print!

Back out in his new paddock, I noticed that 'Curly' was dominant horse (didn't check if it was a mare or gelding). Kept trying to bite and herd Moon around (Ebony stayed clear altogether). Finally when Moon went to get a drink of water, Curly tried to bite him in the neck.

So proud of Moon when he double-barrel kicked Curly in the side of the neck. FINALLY he's not taking being picked on! (I know, terrible horse owner, enjoying my horse fight others : P ). Then Moon headed over to the hay pile with his girlfriend and Curly stood at the opposite end of the pen. Yup, he'll be happy.


  1. Glad to hear you are doing pretty good. I am sure you and Moon will do great at a show, I was wondering is Moon the spooky type or will he be ok with the excitement of a show?

    As long as the horse that Moon kicked wasn’t injured I think there is nothing wrong with being happy about it and to be honest some horses really push there luck, I am glad Moon stood up for himself.

  2. I usually have to let out the belly band and the leg straps a bit to fit the liner but other than that it doesn't seem to compromise the fit of the blanket at all. I love it!

  3. Orion always has the same problem with being picked on, but in the past couple of months, everyone has noticed that he stands up for himself more. He still stays clear from most of the herd, but if anyone tries to pull something on him, he doesn't stand for it as much as he used to. And I get a little bit of joy out of seeing him stand up for himself too. :)