Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ugh. Hot.

It's crazy hot out. 34 degrees C, which is something like a billion F, plus the humidity. Sticky and gross.

I've looked over the weather forecast for the week, and it's not cooling down. : ( Which makes me terribly sad since Moon'er and I won't get any practice in this week unless it cools down (just don't feel right doing it, and it's crazy hot even in the evenings when I have a chance to ride. Doesn't cool till well past my bedtime). Even worse, that means our lesson where we're supposed to CANTER for the first time in lessons will be cancelled. : ( AND we'll miss out on riding Coach W's impressive dressage horse on Tuesday. : ( Bummer weather...

What else? Well, we hit Fargo yesterday to do some shopping, and while the BF was NOT into me going to a bunch of tack stores (yes, I have a lot of tack already), he did let me do some shopping at Fleetfarm for Moon'er. Which meant a BIG bag of treats, plus some black braiding elastics (it's our thing), a new feeding pail, AND I sprung for a pail of Vita Plus. I realize a lot of people say that there's cheaper vitamin supplements with MORE in them, however current research into equine nutrition does not go into all of the micronutrients (note that micronutrients are not small nutrients, but rather nutrients that are needed in small quantities). Hence, I'm not too worried about them.

The pail calls for 1 ounce/feeding, for 2 ounces per day. Unfortunately, I don't get out there every day, let alone every 2nd day. So we'll have to see if we have any improvement on just this occassional feeding. I really do think that it should alleviate some problems he's having (ground licking), and help him feel better.

Today, since the BF and I went out to drop off the new supplies, we gave him his one ounce, plus a little bit of grain and some apple pommace to go with it. He scarfed it down, so it looks like it'll be the start of our routine.

Now I'm waiting for the Buckeye rep to email me back, since it's been three days already...

So it looks like it'll be a rather un-horsey week. I DID just get the backing for my new lime green saddle pad, so I guess I can sew that up for next week.

I also officially purchased the Courbette saddle, and the shipper is sending it my way on Monday. I suspect next week I'll be able to head to North Dakota to pick it up, though I wish there was another tack store close-by to get the rest of the stuff I'm wanting. Oh if only I was rich.

Lastly, I've decided to get an Engel pad (unless someone gives me a smoking deal on another), as soon as I have a little extra pony $$...

Oh, and T and I apparently both found the Interlake Riding Club, and hope to join. They have a trail ride at Birds Hill Park next Sunday, so if I can hitch a ride with T, it looks like I'll get to knock 2 things off my to-do list...

: ) Come-on weather, don't dissapoint!!!

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