Friday, July 8, 2011

Saddle Dreams.

I'm about >this< close to buying a new used saddle. It's true. I'm a little surprised by myself, since I haven't been seriously looking, but the brand, quality and price are perfect. Time to spoil myself a little bit?

Let me start by saying I'm less then thrilled with my Blackburn. It was an excellent saddle to start out with, before I had my own horse. It has the changeable gullet, it's all-purpose, very deep seated and comfortable. It was also a reasonable price for the whole package, though not uber cheap. It's a mix of synthetic and leather and has held up really well.

That being said, it's a starter saddle. It puts me in a bad riding position, with my legs too far forward. Yes, part of it is me, but part of it is definitely the saddle, as I've learned from other Blackburn owners. Overall, it just isn't what I want to be riding in long term.

I've been casually looking at new saddles, wanting to eventually get a really good quality dressage and close contact saddle. While browsing, I came across this older Courbette. Specifically, it's a german-made: Sattlerei Beim Kloster Schonthal, made just prior to the sale of the Courbette brand. The leather looks soft and supple, and despite its age it's in great condition. The tree size seems about right for my boy, and I love the coloring. It'll match my brown bridle just perfect. Sadly my schooling bridle is starting to wear out with all the use it's finally getting and I know I'll need to retire it soon.

The Sattlerei is a close contact and while I'd rather get a dressage saddle first, it's still something I eventually wanted. Courbette is a great saddlery, especially back when this saddle was made. I know with a little conditioner and some loving, it'll be a beautiful show saddle.

If unfortunately it doesn't fit Moon (seems right but until I get it home), then I'm fairly certain I can sell it here for at least what I paid for it.

Apparently, the Kloster Schonthal saddles have a reputation of wearing like iron while still having that “sweet spot” in the seat.

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