Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Oh sweet lesson day; what magic you make of my pony


Let me say, that this was our best lesson yet. I think I've FINALLY broken free of spending all my time worrying about screwing up and I'm just LOVING riding. Loving just feeling my horse and reacting.

We had a stellar lesson. No, sadly no canter this week (sad face), but hopefully next. W had us working on our flexion again as he was pretty stiff coming into today, especially with the week or so off. Before long he was doing great and she had us spiraling in and out on a 20m circle at a trot.

She said to me, "Just go as small as you can; you don't have to spiral all the way in. Just keep it controlled and where YOU want it".

I looked at her and laughed, "W, there's NO way Moon can trot 10 m. Trust me, we'll be pretty big".

And then he amazed me. He reached, he got his shoulders under him, he flexed and POW, we spiralled in to a beautiful, slow and upright 10m circle. It was INCREDIBLE. Not the circle size, but how well he was not only carrying himself, but how well he was LISTENING to me, and how much I could manipulate him with my seat, legs and hands.

I was flabbergasted. There is NO way back in May he could have done this. He has NEVER felt like this in the entire time I've owned him. I can promise you, this is a different horse when I bring him to W's for his lesson.

I've taken a LOT of lessons, and I've NEVER felt as close in contact to a horse as I did today with Moon. I mean, I felt like I could PLACE his every limb. I felt like I could finally just manipulate little things, and CREATE the change I was looking for.

It WAS a breakthrough day. It was incredible. One of those moments that you relive long after it's ended.

It went so well, that I made him work through his bad figure 8 three times, each time improving. No, W hadn't told me told, but as I said when I finished, "I just KNEW that if I asked him again, he'd do it better for me. So I thought, why don't I just ask then?".

The lesson ended, and I'm still in euphoria. W said my take home assignment for the next week is to start expecting MORE bend and suppling of him when we practice. He's ready to give it, so it's time for me to ask for it. : )

So, now for the downside. I'll load pics in the morning, but (sad face), the Courbette doesn't fit. Despite being a 'medium', it's too narrow for him, with the gullet points driving into his back. (more sad face). It's beautiful and the color looks great on him, and I love how nicely it fits everywhere else, but it's just not going to happen. : (

Oh sigh.

So tomorrow I'll probably put it up for sale online. : ( Probably won't get what I paid for it back after shipping and gas, but such is life. Live and learn and all that, right?

On the other hand, W tried her Wintec Isabell Dressage saddle on him, and it fits wonderfully. And apparently they're clearing out the old stock at Apple Saddlery. I cave? Moon IS becoming a little dressage star ; )

Oh mr.bugs, what a mess you make of pony hooves...


  1. I would cave:) I LOVE Wintecs!

  2. As would I Mare, as would I. Unfortunately, there's no better way to save, then to have nothing to spend ; )