Monday, July 4, 2011

Anti-Pony Weather

It's storming outside. Lightening is crashing down, thunder is booming, and the rain is pelting the window outside my office. And I just got off the phone with Coach W, as it's wayyy too hot to put the horses through any work, let alone ourselves. It's about 30 degrees C, 37 with the humidex. Sticky weather!

Speaking of which, I left my sunroof open...

*pause while I run out in the hail and torrential rain to close it. My seats will dry, right?* I was saying, it's ridiculously hot out and we decided to spare the horses having to work. Which means I likely won't get any rides in this week since I'm HOPING the vet will be able to file down Moon's teeth on Friday, we have a dinner date on Wednesday, I have a bridesmaid dress fitting on Tuesday, and that only leaves Thursday. Which will likely be booked solid.

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